Welcome to The Healthy Catholic moms podcast where we make moving and nourishing our bodies the priority so that we not only fulfill our vocations, but excel in our callings. I’m Brittany Pearson, a Catholic wife, mom, personal trainer, and I’m here to help you build healthy habits that actually fit your life. I am here to teach you how to get the results that you want and maintain the results that you want without spending hours at the gym, or meal prepping all weekend long. I understand I am right here with you getting my workouts done in the nooks and crannies of time, looking up recipes, while nursing babies and trying to prioritize my own health amidst everything else going on. But I have really good news for you, you can get the results you want. In less time without doing hours of cardio and restrictive dieting. I’m going to teach you how to use strength training and eating in a macro balanced way to get you feeling so good and your skin full of energy, and strong to carry out your life. Okay, on this podcast, we’ll delve into how to lose fat in a simple, sustainable way. What your workouts and nutrition should look like during different seasons of life, like during pregnancy and postpartum times. We’ll also discuss healthy quick meals and how to get them on the table make foods that kids will actually want to eat. Mom hacks for making your day run more smoothly and so much more. All the while with continuous encouragement to stay the course and live with discipline. This is a place where we’re striving to steward our bodies well in order to joyfully serve. I am so happy you’re here. Let’s dive in.

Hi there ladies. I’m so happy you’re here today and cannot wait to dive into this topic. I love talking about mornings I love mornings. And it’s not because I am such a morning person, I really would not consider myself a morning person. I joke with my husband that I my ideal time would be like 10pm to 6am like I am not a night owl- I’m no good after 10pm. But I’m also not really before six. So that would be my ideal, which is just not my current routine. But you know, that might work for some of you. What I think is so fun about today is that I have some crowd sourced ideas here. As promised, I wanted to delve more in this year into like making this more community based and getting ideas from others and you not just hearing my perspective all the time but also hearing from everyone in our community and our healthy Catholic moms community and also from other experts and things like that next episode I’m going to have a registered dietitian on which is super fun. So all fun things ahead in the next 20 minutes and also in future episodes. So I’m happy you’re here and if you are newer welcome I can’t wait to hop in. So first I think I’m gonna start with those of you who did submit and let me know your what your morning routine looks like. So that you know I am not putting my opinion on things first and then I’ll share with you what I think are just really good components to have a morning routine and how mine currently looks, how it sometimes looks etc. So I’m just going to hop right on in I guess the only business thing to really tell you as we’re wrapping up January here so that’s awesome. We have the eight week challenge still going and you ladies are rocking it and as we wrap up this month we’re heading into a new month in the chasing greatness group. So February chasing greatness is going to be super fun as it always is we’re starting to add in some live components. So if you ever want to join us there you can happen anytime even if it’s mid month but you know we start with a bang each month which with new workouts a new focus etc. You can check out all the programs I offer always and But you can try a free two week trial too in the chasing greatness group. If that is something you are interested in, or you know, email me or anything if you need if you have questions or need help navigating but otherwise we’re gonna hop right in.

Okay, so first we’re gonna start with Catie. Catie messaged me to say and I know she has a little kids she told me somewhere in here I think she has three little ones and sorry let me just pull her back up before I say that I haven’t screenshot but I want to see exactly what she because some of you again might really super relate to this. Um, yeah, three small kids. Okay, so the first thing that Catie tries to do is get up and cook because breakfast Okay, so usually pretty quick stuff like pancakes, waffles, biscuits, unload the dishwasher and eats her own breakfast. And she said I’m home with three small kids so we fill the dishwasher throughout the day and run it overnight. I love that tip. I’m going to try to really not talk to death about everyone’s routine. Because even as I was reading this way like that, okay like that. We personally do not have a dishwasher so I can’t relate to that tip. But I’ve heard that another decluttering or cleaning home management kind of podcast to just know matter what, start it at night. So you start the day with a clean slate. I feel like that idea. I’ve heard that actually with garbage bags too. And I was like, I don’t know, we’re not always but since we kind of got in that rhythm of just filling it throughout the day, and then taking out our garbage at night, I really love starting the day with a clean garbage bag. So you know, whatever works for you. Alright, so can you start today, basically, by prepping the kids at breakfast, eating her own breakfast, and unloading the dishwasher. And then after that, she said, avoiding the visual clutter really helps the morning feel more calm for herself. So she kind of gets everything rockin. And said while she is doing the cooking in the unloading, she prays the rosary while following along to the audio from the Holy Rosary app. She said I’m still learning the rosary. So it’s a huge help to follow along with the app plus her kids naps aren’t always overlapping. So she doesn’t have 20 minutes to pray while sitting down quietly. It’s not ideal to have my hands busy. And again, I can get distracted my thoughts about the upcoming day, but it’s also better than nothing in the season. I definitely agree. Also, I’m someone who wakes up pretty hungry and wants to eat right away. So delaying eating until after the Rosary is finished is a small sacrifice I can offer up. I don’t get all those done before the kids are up every morning. But that is the ideal. Catie, I love this in so many ways. Because you’re not making excuses anywhere in here. It’s very factual. Like, listen, I don’t have a 20 minute chunk. So this is better than nothing. 100% also I relate to that heavily where you know, right now I don’t have one you know, I’m one who just does quiet time who’s doesn’t have naps anymore, but I always felt like that with a newborn of like, oh, man, like, I feel like and not even newborn. It’s like five months, six month old baby that’s doing a morning nap and an afternoon nap. They never line up. If you have a toddler, the toddler naps like right in the middle of that, in my experience anyways, and I’m not at all. Probably the last thing I would ever talk about on this podcast is like sleep routines because mine are a hot mess. But that has been my experience is like okay, that five, six month old gets those two naps. And the toddler is always smack in the middle. So I love that. And I love how you’re setting the stage for the day just getting things prepped. So then by the time the kids are up at them again, on a perfect scenario kind of day. You have eaten you have prayed things are not cluttered, like that sounds, it sounds like a really nice peaceful start, you know, even if it’s not always happening, I think that had a lot of inspiration in there. Okay, and I like that you’re also doing the rosary first thing because that’s a lot of times I’ll get to the end of the day, and I’m like, Okay, I kind of want to read a book and unwind in bed. Like, oh, wait, I didn’t pray the rosary yet. And then I’m trying to pray it while I’m falling asleep and it’s a whole thing. So I have heard that tip as well. Like just pray first thing because then you’re not gonna get sidelined.

Alright, now Jen says, and I like this because there’s two different days going on. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are two different lifestyles. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, she does a 5am Wake up in a string training workout while drinking her first cup of coffee and listening to her favorite podcast already doesn’t sound so enjoyable. When I read this the first time through I was like, Oh, like that sounds like a morning you want to get up for maybe not maybe you’re like that the workout part would not be my favorite thing to wake up for. But then that you’re getting to it’s like that enjoyment factor. You’re getting to listen to what you want while you’re having your coffee. And you’re getting your workout in. That sounds very peaceful to me. I don’t know. Then she makes her kids lunches finished finishes getting ready. So she said she showers the night before. So she just gets dressed and stuff. Another perk of strength training guys, you don’t get super sweaty. That’s why I love it because you can squeeze it in and increments wherever you need to. She makes her breakfast and ideally breakfast for the kids before everyone wakes up around 7am. I love this because we have such similar wakeup times on here that I really miss this a lot, then the school routine is totally focused on getting the kids ready for school. So 7am school time with everybody else. So her windows kind of five to seven. Now Tuesday Thursday, she said she has still a 5am Wake up. So super consistent in her wake up is something else I pegged in here like very consistent wakeup time is actually really beneficial because those of us who fluctuate, and I actually don’t remember if anyone on here has said like, oh, some days I wake up at 530 to workout some days I wake up at seven. It’s hard for our bodies to do that. And it’s really hard to switch up the routine. That’s why a lot of people struggle getting up early again on Monday after a weekend. And I’m a mixed bag on that. I do usually sleep in a little bit later, an hour later on the weekend, but your body gets really used to what it’s doing. So I know again, people do that within their week like hell, it’s not a workout day, so we’ll sleep in a little longer. It can be tough for our bodies to adjust to that. Alright, so on Tuesday, Thursday, Jen wakes up at 5am and meal preps while drinking coffee and listening to a podcast again, sounds beautiful to have a quiet kitchen and you’re chopping some things and sorting some things and you’re just drinking coffee and listening to podcasts. That sounds beautiful. Also doing the Catechism in a year podcast so I’ll sit down and listen to that. I will prep or make dinner for that day. Chop and refill veggie fruit containers for lunches, snacks, etc and make the kids lunches. I also get ready for the day as well and make my own breakfast before the kids wake up. I love have that because she’s always totally done by the kids getting up at seven. And I’ve talked about before, if we really look at our days as like we’re ready for work. Because it is work, you know, and think about especially those of us a stay at home moms unit like your kids go to school and they’re not with you all day or whatever. Like you. You have to be on when they’re there like yes, they’re there all the time. And I know whatever. There’s a lot of ways we go with that. But if you were nannying, somebody else’s kids, and you started at seven, you would be up and dressed, you would have eaten breakfast. So I know again, I just always have a peaceful start. It’s not all the time. A lot of times I am getting my own breakfast ready while the kids are up and stuff, but I like that. She’s kind of done and dusted. And she said it’s always changing but being productive between five and seven has been a life changer. For me. It sounds like it sounds awesome. And I look forward to that quiet time. I’m also always drinking my coffee and listening to something enjoyable while being productive so it doesn’t feel like a chore or work. Morning food prep frees up so much time then during my day to do other things or to relax during nap time if I want to. food prep is something we do a ton of to stay healthy and make sure we’re all eating well. They are a family of six. So adding it to the morning helps a lot since it can be time consuming. And then she was so good to mention a couple of things that she preps said she preps hard boiled eggs, lentils, protein bowls, veggies, both raw and roasted fruit protein for lunches, often turkey burgers and dinner she either makes it in the morning, or chops all the veggies and prep the ingredients to finish it later in the day. I love that that is just super inspiring to think like now they’re just the semblance of order that that gives like that setup in the morning as opposed to running around like a chicken with your head cut off yesterday like What are we eating for dinner? Or what’s prepped? I don’t know, I have to go to the store. Like that’s really awesome. Okay, 123 beautiful examples more that I have for you. I also want to say and I mentioned this at the beginning of the podcast, but I did forget that as you’re listening to some of these if your life is currently so far off from some of these routines that you’re like, that is great, but I can’t do that right now. Like I my baby is not sleeping through the night. Nobody sleeps until 7am Because that’s something I noticed with a lot of these was like, put in actually Catie’s first example said like this is not always happening. Somebody sometimes up or like a nap times don’t line up. But I know I used to get really discouraged by that thinking like I could do so much if they all woke up at the same time. Or, you know, or sometimes we try these morning routines and we’re like, Okay, I’m gonna get up at 530 I’m gonna do my workout because I’m trying to get up before the baby and then the baby gets up at 430 that day and you’re like, are you serious? Like I’m trying so always know whatever season you’re in is typically not forever. Again, everybody’s different and I can’t know exactly what season you’re going through right now. But you know, there are times where it’s just like okay, like that peaceful five to 7am sounds so great. But maybe you have to do with a baby rap to you. Maybe it’s going to be more like 645 to seven because you’ve got to sleep in as late as you can before your other kids wake up. Because you’re so tired because you were up all night. Okay, so again, these are inspiration and this is maybe something to shoot for. I liked that.

And says in here when I get to and I guess I’ll do Ann’s next. She might have said it in here that she used to dream about getting good morning routine going when her kids were super little Yes, she said, where was it

we’ll see if we if we hit that somewhere there maybe she said that in the separate part of her email to me but she said like I really was excited to have mornings you know as my kids got a little bit older. So again, you might not be in the season now and I don’t want you to get discouraged in that thinking how ideal but we do the best we can with what we have I’ve shared before when I’m in those seasons, like no one is sleeping or like the baby’s not sleeping at all yet. And you’re still kind of staying up late to try to get that last feed in whatever like the schedule, there is no schedule. I still try my bare minimum is to try to wake up a half hour before the kids sometimes it’s really 10 minutes before and of course sometimes I’m waking up to the other kids but I really hate being woken up by my kids more than I hate getting out of bed that 20 minutes earlier. So I will try to do everything within my power to and my husband was at two so if he’s leaving for work, he’ll be like Brittany you get up and I’m like no and he’s like you do not want to wake up to the kids like you are going to and then I will like jump out of bed.

Okay, so here is and and said she gets up at 4:45am gets dressed in workout clothes that she already has laid out, grabs her water her tablet and earbuds and heads down to the basement. Her workout area is in her kid’s playroom and then she works out doing string training for about 45 minutes and while listening to a podcast. Then she has her prayer time 10 or 15 minutes of silent prayer reading the daily readings. Then she heads back upstairs to shower and get ready for work. And she wakes up her husband was just wondering she’s got the opposite of me I typically am getting woken up by my husband. So she gets him up. They make the bed he shower she has breakfast and she said which is a fast bowl of oatmeal with protein powder and zucchini now thanks to your idea on this- yeah, Ann, way to get your greens in! And green tea. Ann, that’s interesting I didn’t know that about you that you drink green tea- then I get the kids up, get them breakfast and head out the door for work and her husband brings the kids to school. And she said she is kind of naturally a morning person. But there are words that she reaps from getting up early and having her me time is huge. She said it has done so much for me mentally, physically, spiritually, as well as emotionally. I honestly feel like I know who I am again, as I truly lost myself for a period of time when my kids were very little. Oh my goodness, we talked about it just talked about last episode falling in love with the results, not necessarily the process. What a good example, then that little ending testimony of how amazing she feels from doing this morning routine. Like that is worth getting up when that alarm goes off, I think very much. So a lot of inspiration in there. I found it interesting too, that she works out first and then does her time next. That’s something I’ve bounced back and forth on to sometimes if I want to drink my coffee first I’ll do my prayer time first and then I’ll go workout. But sometimes I will like feel so tired. If I’m sitting there trying to pray. And I’ve even fallen back asleep before like sitting straight up on my couch because I didn’t get my body moving first thing and there’s a lot of research saying that it’s best to get your body moving within the first 10 minutes of waking up. So I like that I like how she lays it out that she gets her workout done, then goes into the prayer time and whatnot. So really great. Thank you for sharing that. And I have two more.

Yes. Okay. Maria, this is from Maria. She said what I have found about myself is I must get up when I wake up in the morning to be my best be at 4am or 8am. So she has to get right up. And then she makes a cup of coffee takes five to 10 minutes to reflect and pray. And she’s she said I wish I had a go to devotional. I know somewhere in my house are the ones I read for years. I will definitely find them as I organize and declutter. I love that because I’ve also like refound things where I’m like, oh, yeah, there was a season where I was doing that every day. What I will read, I should have sent you this. But see, I’ll probably find I think I have one Jesus Calling is one that’s really small. And I think it’s like a page or two a day. And I liked that one for a long time. A lot of you have probably used that before and Maria, you probably have it somewhere in your house as well. But I like having the something to go to. Okay, she said as everyone else has, as everyone else has to I take care of loved ones. Mine just include a husband and a dog physically in my house because her kids are grown. Well, I am eternally grateful for both it is my dog that keeps me sane. Our routine is to walk two to four miles each morning. So again, like I just said, so we don’t all compare and despair. I know that Maria’s kids are grown out of the house, but that’s see, that’s the that’s what I’m gonna get to do one day as being a walker- I just want to be a walker. I love that two to four miles each morning, I use this time for further reflection prayer and to catch up with those I may not otherwise speak with. Okay, I love that because in in the last episode, I just talked about self care strategies and connecting was one of them. So not only she like getting out and connecting body and mind and spirit with kind of praying and reflecting as she walks, but then also that extra step of using it to call up somebody she might not talk to you. I love that. And I don’t often think to do that if I am working. So that’s really cool. When we get home she’s tired enough and I do my workout with you. Maria is in the chasing greatness group. In my working days, it looked exactly the same only I started earlier and we walked in the dark. I am grateful for the quiet time I have now and I have begun journaling several days a week to chronicle this journey. I almost feel guilty that I can’t find time to do that more. I have nothing but time. I always try to work smarter than harder and find myself multitasking thinking etc. But journaling requires focus. And that is Maria’s routine. I love it. So I like it too because it’s not a set time slot saying like I have to do it this which makes sense because her schedule is a little bit more sliding than some of ours might currently be but that might be inspiring too. I know many of you listen who have kids out of the house or whose schedules have changed now from working outside the home to being home or whatever and there might be a little bit more freedom so you can still take components of that listening to it to thinking okay, I could do a walk and I could do a devotional and I could journal but I would just do it at you know 5am If you are a person that has to get out the door to work or maybe 8am If you have you know a little more time and you are a night owl as well. I love that thank you.

Okay, I think this is last one let me double check and then I will get real briefly into mine here, we had Jen Maria, Ann, and lastly, but not at all least, Megan and I will preface with Megan, -she’s also a member of chasing greatness group, as many in here were, or are but she also I know works full-time. Ann does as well, Catie, I’m not sure I think you said your home all day with the littles and I mentioned that Maria has grown kids out of the home, but I know that Ann and Maria are nope, sorry, Ann and Megan work full time, outside the home. So you will notice like Anne’s wakeup time was 445. And here we go with Megan. So again, hearing that and knowing like, and maybe that is helpful to you, because you might be hearing some of these and think, well, great, I would love to walk in journal that I’m not retired. Well, now we’re back to you know, another example. Because we’re all in different spaces and seasons, Megan wakes up at 4am Every day, and from four to 420. She takes the dogs out, get some fed, makes her coffee, tracks her meals for the day. So diligent, and she lists out her to-do’s. So really good. Setting the tone for the day, they’re 420 to 430, she reads two to three Bible verses. And she put in parentheses that she’s working on reading the bible cover to cover, which is awesome, and has some prayer time. So that’s kind of the order for her it’s wake up, makes the coffee, then sits down with the coffee, Bible and prayer time. And then I like this too, that she specified our next section from 4:30 to 4:50. She reads nonfiction while drinking coffee. So that’s really cool. Because a lot of us who want to be more or voracious readers, I guess, for lack of better words, there were a lot of types of things like where do we fit it in. So I liked that she was actually the only one that mentioned having reading outside of prayer time, but reading nonfiction books, in her morning routine, so that’s really cool. Again, what is going to get done typically gets done first thing, or there’s just a lot more room for it to go astray. Okay, then from 450 to 545. So just about an hour, she gets her workout in, and then she walks the dogs. Then from 545 to 610, she lays out the backpacks, packs, lunches, lays out the coats and boots, so kind of gets all of that ready to go for that crazy time, which then starts from 610 to 710 is get herself and get the kids ready and out the door. So her whole morning routine there from Wake up to herself and kids out the door is four to 7:10am. All right, and I think actually everybody’s was right around, you see what ends was too because and you’re the one shipping off to work to was from 445 Oh, you didn’t mention what time you leave. But you mentioned you go to work and your husband takes the kids. But I know Jen’s was just about two hours like it does, it doesn’t necessarily matter. And in some of these, you know, we’re more in depth than others. And some of us probably get ready faster than others. But I think that was so helpful. I really appreciate you ladies taking the time to do that. And for giving us some structure and like a framework to plan our own round. I will just say personally mine has fluctuated a lot in the previous years. I’ve done a couple episodes on different morning routine podcasts, and they’ve changed you know, since and they still even change day to day. So there is a lot of advice out there one big, like,

what is the what’s the word I’m looking for. And we’re gonna agree with me to think as I was reading so much. One common theme that I have gleaned from a lot of different morning podcasts or morning books, what most successful people do in the morning, the Miracle Morning, etc, is the idea that if you want to set the tone for your day, your morning matters so much. And I think that that is 100%. Because when I get on those days where I do sleep in and the kids are greeting me, I’m already on defense for the day, I’m not on offense, and it shows the whole rest of the day. Also back when I would teach a 5:15am spin class or have really early morning clients. Those were the people that were always more consistent than those who came at night. And sometimes like the night class was fun, and it was racking to know social, but it was those people would typically be there, some were still very diehard. So I don’t want you to hear this and think Brittany, I was at your 5:30pm class every day. Many of you were however, it’s very difficult to maintain that when just later in the day, other things can pop up. So there’s a lot to be said about setting a good tone for your day. There’s also so many different things that you can prioritize to do in that time. Because if you’re trying to get done first what you really like what you think is most important that day, you could put a lot of things that category. So it really does come down to prioritizing what you want to use that time with one thing I think another really common theme is every single one of those examples included prayer, and some of them included a workout not even all of them because we can again work out over time today. So some actually things the only one that isn’t every single person is is prayer. So I will get into my top three things to include in my morning are just literally prayer, water and movement. And I think it’s funny to put water in there. Though when I was thinking through a Just, you know, okay, is it a day that I wake up and I work first thing? Or is it a day that I wake up and I work out sooner than later? Like, what does it look out. So painting two different days for you, but pretty much my wakeup time is between five and 530. Monday through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I will usually wake up more around six, because again, I still just really want that peaceful time. And I would still probably wake up at five or 530, if my husband didn’t stay up later on the weekends. But you know, to try to extend our time together, we will usually play cards or play a game or do whatever if I go out with friends, or he goes out with friends, and we want to see each other after like, we will just typically be later and I don’t want to sacrifice that sleep. So you know, it’s a fine line. But most days I’m waking up to and and again, obviously like everybody else is there’s a fluctuation to this. Some mornings, I have a ton of work to do when we’re kicking off a challenge, or I know I have to program for a client that exact day, or I have to record a podcast because I procrastinated and it has come out that day, I will get up at four or 430. And do what it takes. And many of us have been there, I’m sure. You’re like, oh my gosh, I have to make cookies for this thing. So I have to do in the morning before the kids go to school like we’ve been there. But most days, I’m waking up between five and 530. I go brush my teeth. Very first thing I do not know how anyone goes about their day without brushing their teeth.

My husband is that person that won’t like brush him until he leaves if he’s home on the weekend, I’ll just wake up and like, go about his life and like okay, but I wake up, I brush my teeth, I drink a bunch of water. And then I throw in a load of laundry. And the only time I don’t throw in a load of laundry right away is on the off chance it’s a day I’m not doing it like a Sunday. Or if I need to record a podcast in the basement, which is where I usually record or work out of the basement because I don’t want the noise in the background. But this like it’s just comes down to routines guys like they all these ladies are doing the same thing most mornings. So I don’t even think about it. I put the hamper by the basement or the night before I wake up I stumble in the bathroom, I brush my teeth I drink a bunch of water first thing because there’s so much to that to our bodies are composed so much of water, we are de height, we wake up slightly dehydrated from the night of sleeping. So right away, start your water count. And if I just even delay this, and I don’t drink water, first thing and I go into prayer, I go into whatever worse, worse, worse worse, if I go right into the coffee, your water count is going to be low for the rest of the day. Because once you start drinking more water, your body craves more water, so set the tone at getting some water down. My caveat to this is those of you who are pregnant or who just are not pregnant, but feel nauseous when you’re drinking water on an empty stomach, you might want to have a little something, I’d probably just rather have the snack and still be able to drink the water first thing or have breakfast right away, but I get the water going right away. So that’s like, no matter what I’m traveling, I have woken up and my kids already up, whatever, I am still brushing my teeth and drinking a bunch of water. So I already have one of those crossed off my list of three, I will throw in a load of laundry if I’m not, you know it doesn’t conflict with my work. Then I settle in with a cup of coffee and I either pray the rosary or to Bible in a year. This is a good time that my oldest just decided to start playing the piano during quiet time. So I don’t know if you can hear that. Sorry. Okay, so I settle in and I either pray the rosary or I do Bible in a year. And I the way I’ve kind of been doing Bible in a year, the Brittany way, because I’m still following the plan. And I’m doing the reading plan not listening to it. Because I tried to listen to it two years ago, and I made it to like April and I just fell off anyways when I got sick. But then it was just hard for me to listen, I was like what does happen in that story. So I’m having much more success right now reading. But I find that I cannot always get the Rosary, the silent prayer time and the Bible reading in every single day. And I prioritize the Rosary and My silent prayer time again, that’s just me right now in what I’m doing. So I have usually been doing either or in the morning. And if it’s a Bible reading day, just to do the last two days, or if the most I’ve had to do is three days at a time and it’s not a big deal, it still takes me maybe 20 to 30 minutes. So I will do one of those. And then I’ll just if I do that I will try to get in the rosary later with the kids, or while I’m driving or working out or whatever, I’ll find another place to do the rosary maybe when we’re walking, whatever. So most often this is the order I’m doing and my husband makes me coffee. So did I say that? Yes, settling with cup coffee. My husband also is like getting out the door the same time as me. So the sometimes bone of contention here is like when he wants to talk to me, or we’re going over things for the day, or whatever. Like we’ll try to pray together before he leaves. So then like I will have just sat down and got my stuff out and have my coffee and then he’s about to leave. He’ll just like jingle his keys but so he doesn’t have to say like Britt, can you come over here because he already put his shoes on. So I’ll have to like get up go to the door. It’s a whole thing. So this would be a little more streamlined if we were not like doing the same thing at the same time. Which is funny because nobody else mentioned her running into that in their morning routine. But you know, it’s nice to see him for at least work. I will say that Um, but that’s fine, too. I was looking at this and I’m like, I really couldn’t be sitting down by, like, you know, sometimes I’m not sitting down till six. And I’m like, What do I do from 515 to six because I am not getting dressed or putting makeup on. Usually it’s just like, random. We’re talking while he’s making me the coffee, random time. So whatever. I sit down, I do my prayer. And then after that, so that was like 515 to six, if I’m being really streamlined and not talking to him super long. Then at six, I work out, I shower, I get ready for the day, the kids are up at seven. Okay, so that’s one kind of typical day I go through the water first than the prayer then the movement. And those are the three things I want to get in and I’m done for the day. However, I work from home like many of you do, as well. And sometimes I just need that work time. And I have to think, okay, it depends with the work is if I’m filming a video, and this is kind of my ideal day, because I can get ready like throw makeup on while I’m talking about. So sometimes I will wake up, do the same thing, the brush the teeth, start drinking, my water is always key, then I will start putting on makeup, which takes me like 10 minutes, nothing fancy, clearly, you’ve seen me throw on her makeup for 10 minutes. While he’s talking to me, he’s making the coffee. He’s whatever. Like we’re like wall to wall talking to each other. And then I get dressed and stuff. So by the time I like come out of the bathroom, it’s like 530 He’s made my coffee, I’m already ready to film, we will pray together, he will leave, I will go sit down, do my prayer stuff. And then at six o’clock, I will start filming on my workout. Or I’m gonna throw another one in here. If it’s something I don’t have to physically get ready for, like I’m recording a podcast or I’m like answering emails or something. What I will do a lot of time and I don’t also want you to get the wrong idea from this and think oh, she you know, prioritizes work over prayer time, which is not at all the case. There’s there’s a double reason for this. Sometimes I will do the same thing. Wake up, brush my teeth, get my water stop, like dive immediately into work. I will literally just do a mental prayer. Lord, thank you for today help me to serve you in it, boom, I’m going and I start doing whatever the work is after I say bye to men. And then I work until say it was like 530 to 645. And then at 645 I will start my prayer time so that as they wake up and come downstairs, I go get them though because I have to get you out of his crib. But as they’re trickling down, hey, mom’s just finishing up, prepare, you’re welcome to join me or you can start playing quietly. Sometimes I will need to if like Judas screaming for breakfast, he’s the one year old I will put him in a highchair get him breakfast, and then I’ll finish up my prayer time. And or sometimes I will just make my prayer time will last like 630. So if people start waking up early, because Judah was in this pattern of waking up at like 615 636 45. And I was like there is no way I can bring him in if I need to be recording a workout video. But if he joins me for the rosary, that’s fine, right? It was actually a really sweet little two week stint where he was coming down and sitting on my lap, like the whole rest of the Rosary when he woke up really those days. So the reason I purposely sometimes do that is also not to put work first. But and also I would say if that’s the day that I needed to be working out, but I’m not getting like I plan to work out. But I’m not recording one, I will prioritize just the work in the prayer in the morning. And then I will say okay, I have to get my workout done. Maybe just while they’re eating breakfast, while they’re eating lunch, they get a show before nap. I’ll bring a kettlebell up and do it in the living room while they’re watching a show something like that I will work it in some other time. naptime again, is usually more of a work time for me. So again, it depends if I’m recording. But the reason I purposely choose some mornings to be doing my prayer time, either when they’re close to being awake, or when they are awake, is because I want them to see it, I want them to be exposed to it, I want them to know mom prays by herself, too. It’s not just something that I like, you know, mandate them to do, that we only do before meals together only do as a family. Sometimes I want them to see and know that I have an active prayer life in and of my own relationship with God. And that goes along with everything else I believe in where if I want them to know that I work out I want them to prioritize working out they’re going to have to see me working out. So I think sometimes we can hold things and I’m not obviously judging this of anyone who shared their morning routines or anything like that, or what anyone’s personally doing. I’ve shared before in the podcast that my preference is like literally never going to be to work out with my kids around. I am selfish, I would much rather have that time to just throw down and go do it, grind it out for 25 minutes be done not have to explain myself during and not have to take breaks. But I don’t think that’s the best thing for them. I think they do sometimes need to see that their parents are taking care of their bodies and to like know what to do and not be intimidated of it. So I think things become very

scary I guess for lack of a better word, or intimidating if we have no experience with it. Like a lot of us do grew up thinking what the heck do I how do I take care of my body? I never saw my parents workout or I never saw my parents pray like I don’t know what a prayer life looks like. Can you just talk to God like that you can just, you know, have a free spirited prayer doesn’t have to be a prayer that you’re reciting like. So I am a big believer in modeling things for our children that we want to impart to them and we want them to do. And I think morning routine is really big with that. And I’m excited for this to develop as my kids continue to get older. And we continue to progress down the road of homeschooling, if that’s the route, we continue, because I think that a lot of times, we have to learn these things as adults, and they’re still gonna be things I can’t teach them every single thing they’re ever going to need to know when they leave the house. And they have that you know, the ability and the responsibility to tweak it and make it their own. But I think to be able to expose them to, oh, this is what my mom does, like she wakes up or like I always saw my dad think about when people tell stories, or think about your own parents, for good for bad, whatever, oh, I always saw my parents wake up every day, start the coffee, they said their prayers, they read scripture, like they they prioritized health, they did their push up, they went for walks like it’s going to become a part of you much more easily if you see it. So I want my kids to be exposed to that and I want to bring them in on it. So that’s why some mornings I purposely save the prayer time with them so that they know they know that I’m reading the Bible in a year and they know that I pray the rosary every day or try to like they know those things but then not just knowing it but actively seeing it and then same thing with the workouts if I don’t get it in the morning then then at least they’re seeing it and like they know it’s a regular part of our lives. They know dad goes to the gym a couple times a week they know mom does it at home and all that good stuff so yes, I could talk about this for forever in a day because I love mornings and I love routines but I hope this inspires you please let me know if you know I can help you out in any way as always just email me Brittany and healthy Catholic Come join our email list. If you’re not on a yet, I will send out recipes, full length workouts, all that good kind of stuff every Thursday so it’ll go to your inbox make sure you check your spam or promotions but you can sign up at And lastly, I would love if this resonated with you if you would share this podcast and or if you haven’t read it and reviewed it yet I would super appreciate that ladies. Alright, hope you have a great rest of your day.

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