Some of my FAVORITE exercise equipment, protein powders, and more!

These workout bands are EXCELLENT for at-home workouts (I use them to substitute for cables) and you’ll see me use them in not only my free YouTube workouts, but also in all my programs. Grab them here:

Another perfect way to not only tone your legs and glutes- but challenge your core, and so much more… These mini bands are a key piece of our Chasing Greatness workouts! Plus, they’re pretty!

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate my foam roller! It is not just for warm-ups- although it’s great for both warming up AND mobility work… it is ALSO a great piece of a equipment to actually progress and enhance your workouts by providing an unstable surface. I personally like these sturdy ones with no ridges:

This is the protein powder you hear me talk about all the time on the podcast- it literally tastes like Crystal Light or something delicious and refreshing! Not at all what you’d think  if your past experience with protein powder brings to mind chalky texture! I use this with JUST water and take it on the go- great for playdates and errands:


This protein powder is the one I add to my shakes when I am using them for a meal with nut butter, frozen banana, etc. It also mixes in great with recipes like overnight oats, energy bites, etc.

This einkorn flour is my absolute favorite to make everything from pancakes and muffins to homemade pizza… It is weak gluten and non-hybridized so it’s the way grain is SUPPOSED to be- without a million modifications. Delicious and much better for you than your “regular” all purpose flour. Grab it here:

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"I had always thought I ate healthily but Brittany offers suggestions I never considered. I knew I needed to get more protein into my diet but I don't eat a lot of meat. She showed me ways to easily increase my protein intake so that I was fueling my body the right way.
Although the scale moved just a bit, my body composition changed a ton. I'm a middle-aged woman who has struggled with abdominal "fluff" since the birth of my 3 children. By maintaining my activity level and changing the way I eat, I have lost 4 inches in my abdomen around my belly button. My muscle mass has definitely increased and I am stronger and able to maintain heavy physical activity without getting winded. Brittany offers advice without judging and shares her journey with eating right and getting plenty of exercise along the way. I feel like a new woman thanks to her advice and guidance."
Denise G.