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So today, we’re gonna chat about a very serious talk about how humor, passion and purpose can help you achieve a healthier use. So this popped in my head as an opposite idea in a million different ways. And I don’t think any of it is brand new, earth shattering groundbreaking to any of us. But it is just mind blowing to me that even science, even research all these things can show that you can literally live longer by being happy. And
I think so many of us, myself included, get caught up in the hustle bustle of every day. Our routines are, you know what our to do lists and just aren’t having fun in our days. And they get heavy, they feel heavy. I might have already shared this on the podcast, I don’t know if I did. But in our like immediate family, I guess extended family because I’m thinking my sisters and their families and things. It was like end of 2022. And we just had a lot of heavy things going on. And I was like guys, like we’re gonna make 2023 fun again, like, this is what we’re doing.

We’re saying yes to everything. Like, there are things that are just legitimately hard to do at the phase of life with little kids. That I think it just does not seem worth it. There are so many things that have been like, I want to have that family for dinner, I want to do this, like why don’t we do this? And I’m like, alright, because nap times in early bedtimes. And it’s really hard and you go somewhere with a bunch of little kids and you’re just playing zone defense the whole time. And you someone has a meltdown, you’re just mostly disciplining more than you’re just socializing with other families and stuff and it’s just hard. But it’s that like, is it is, you know, choose your heart. It’s also hard to stay home and be isolated and feel like you’re the only ones raising little kids and stuff and not have that fellowship and community. So there’s just we just went into 2023 like as a family, my definitely my immediate family, my husband, my kids and I and then in our extended family with the nieces and nephews and cousins like make 2023 fun again, and there’s just things that we’ve been purposely doing to try to kind of bring the fun back. Now I will say to like, I don’t think I’ve shared this on the podcast and a lot of you are know exactly who I’m talking about in our friends with her in real life. But we wanted to 2023 Saying this doing this and making choices that were purposeful like down that trail Like, we got together and had like a family like game night, and we just let all the kids stay up late in one room and they’re watching movies and eating snacks and all the adults, like all my sisters and our husbands and stuff, we’re playing games, and it was great. It’s fun. We’re like, again, why don’t we do this? Oh, because it’s hard, because the kids are up late, because everyone’s gonna be tired tomorrow. But like, it’s worth it. It’s fun. We’re laughing, you know, and it was great. It’s a great time. So we things like that. And then in our immediate family, I’ll go through kind of some ways that we try to lighten things up and keep things fun around the house, even when it’s like, you know, the three year old saying, Do you want to monitor that he has to poop every night right after you put him in bed. That’s a current phase that we’re very much in. Like, those kinds of things. Like nothing’s inherently fun about that. But different ways, you can still make things fun. And I’ve chatted about this in the podcast before where like my husband and I will play rock paper scissors to, like wash the messy baby or toddler from their highchair. So rather than it’d be like, like, wait to see who gets up first. And then like, kind of keep mental track in your head, like I always waved the baby off, but he’s always sitting there or whatever, vice versa, we will just try to be funny about it, look at each other and do a quick draw, and then start doing rock, paper, scissors and our kids die laughing and, you know, it just lightens the mood. It’s fun. We’re also competitive. So I think you just naturally like, oh, like every time if I lose, I’m like, oh, man, you know, it’s fun. It’s funny.

And I will say this is just share my last little personal thing, then we get into some studies and some things we can do to include more humor, passion, purpose, all these things in our lives. But when into 2023 with this mentality, like I’m gonna purposely try to just enjoy life more, have more fun and things were already doing or go out of my way to incorporate fun things like and I’m not saying I’m not adding anything to our schedules. I guess I just mentioned the game night. But like, we’re not going to Disney. We’re not like manufacturing these trips or experiences. It’s just like, how can we enjoy our days more than what we’re already doing? So went into it with this mentality. And then guess what heavy stuff kept coming. My sister had a stroke. My next door neighbor passed away and it was a like very sudden sickness at the same time, like a lot of heavy stuff has happened last couple of months. And that can you know, for all I know so many of you listening like have had really heavy stuff, maybe suffered a miscarriage or like, just lots of stuff, a family close family member passing away kids sickness, parents sickness, like losing a grandparent, there’s heavy stuff that life has for us. And there’s absolutely a time to mourn. And the Bible obviously says that there’s a time to mourn. There’s a time to dance. But I think we forget a lot the time to dance part. Like we’re not called to just sit in the time to mourn. We’re supposed to have this Christian joy. And it makes our cross feel lighter. It’s that cross the trust of Lou says taken up smilingly, rather than grudgingly, right that it we’re still going to have a cross, there’s still crosses. But if we carry it with a smile, it’s going to feel lighter. It’d be better for us overall. So I’ll start with that. Actually, before I get to the other studies, I think this is how I actually was thinking about all of you and sharing these thoughts with you when I was reading Sirach. I love the book of Sirach. And I think it has so many different good, like, etiquette things.

First of all, I think it’s hilarious. It’s like, do not do this at the table and do not do this. And I’m like, Yeah, I can appreciate this. It’s very tangible, and obviously has deeper meanings. But in Syriac, chapter 30, there’s a whole chapter section at the end, that’s pretty much like verses 14 to 25. It’s called Health of soul and body and it says, better a poor man strong and robust than a rich man with wasted frame more precious than gold is health and well being contentment of spirit than quarrel. No treasure greater than a healthy body, no happiness than a joyful heart. preferable is death to a bitter life on ending sleep to constant illness. dainty set before one who cannot eat or like the offerings placed before tomb. What good is an offering to an idol that can neither taste nor smell? So it is with the afflicted man who groans at the good things, his eyes behold, I think that whole first section was just really great about how important your health is. It’s Richard riches and rubies and all these other things cannot replace your health because if you’re sitting on a pile of money at the end of your life but can’t move. And again, there’s so many disclaimers and caveats of people who are born that way or who are that way because of things that were out of their control. And I’m not speaking to that. But and you know, I’m quoting scripture here where it says right there like better, a poor man’s strong and robust and a rich man with wasted frame. Obviously there’s also things that are out of your control, but saying Overall, these are things to pursue. Now the second half verses 21 to 25. Here’s where I thought this really inspired today’s episode. Do not give into sadness torment, not yourself with brooding gladness of heart is the very life of man. cheerfulness prolongs his days. Distract yourself renew Your courage drive resentment far away from you, for worry has brought death to many. Nor is there ought to be gained from resentment, envy and anger, shorten one’s life worry brings on premature old age, one who is cheerful and gay while at table benefits from his food. Okay, so there’s that from the Scriptures. And then I think we had called my two people in our lives, who I like to think of people who are older who have influenced me, who were just like really positive, happy, people who seemed they always seemed like younger than, like, if you put somebody who’s I gotta shoot high here first, like at somebody who’s 80 and very crotchety and complaining about everything, and somebody who’s 80 and is laughing and joking and smiling about everything, who is seems younger, and just more vibrant, and full of life, it’s always the happier person, right. And I think this is one of those things where none of us set out to be the crotchety old lady. But it’s that these day to day habits and just ways perspectives, ways that we look at life and things like that are what turtles into that person. At the end, they just like, talking about this with a client recently, like nobody sets out to be the mom with six or seven kids who is really out of shape doesn’t recognize herself, and her body hasn’t worked out in a long time, and isn’t taking care of herself. And it’s so hard to get back into it. Nobody sets out to be that person. Usually what I see because this is a lot of people I’m currently working with is it’s actually people right around my stage like three, four kids who what they did with one and two kids isn’t isn’t continent anymore. And they, you know, just kind of bounced back. And we’re not supposed to use that term. But they did kind of just go back to how they were before pregnancy felt good, felt energetic, but then they got older, they had more kids, they’re now trying to lose weight at an older age, like working out got harder, because it wasn’t part of the daily routine, it was just kind of a something you did to lose weight, and you get farther and farther away from that person until it’s not as easy to just jump back to it. And I think this can be the case with the heaviness and the like, inability to laugh and to lighten up and to see humor and things like we don’t you know, you might have been a really fun, humorous person earlier in life, but then we get bogged down by our responsibilities. And by again, the serious heavy events, concerns, worries, and it can slip away from us. So what I’m proposing today is to bring it back to bring it to front of mind. And it’s important, it’s like, especially for women, especially for moms, we’re the heart of the home, and we really do set the tone for the home. And it’s so true when mom’s in a bad mood like everybody’s walking on eggshells. When mom’s happy and joyful. It spreads through the home, it’s infectious. There’s so many Bible verses about that a woman can build up her household or she can tear it down with her own hands. You know, think that’s Proverbs, I don’t know, you know, me and quoting scripture is a real rough throwing something out there. So and I thought these categories because yes, Humor has, we’ll go a little more into the categories after let me pull up some studies. For you ladies, so bear with me, because there’s like just a lot of screenshots going on. So this one was, according to Time Magazine, who said that a 2011 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that older people who reported being the least happy died at nearly twice the rate in the next five years as people who reported being the most happy, even after adjusting for factors like illness, finances and depression. People who were the happiest still have a 35% lower risk of death. So that shows us how much it’s about outlook and not about the actual,
like events going on. Because these people still had finance problems or depression or whatever illness, but it’s their outlook. It’s the perspective. Same article says another study of older adults found that happier people retain their physical function better than those who weren’t happy. Their walking speeds even decline more slowly. And they say this. And then then the article goes on to talk about a little bit like sickness, like the common cold and whatnot. And there has been a lot of research to show that that happier people don’t usually get sick, as much or bounce back better than those who are not, which is why you’ll like happiness, guys, this is this is the thing like that’s not that hard to do. It’s not the richest people it’s not the most fit peoples, not whatever it’s happiness, those who are grateful those who have a positive outlook. Now this was on this article was on And it said that the I think it’s quoting this Yes. Quoting the exact same study. This is just a Harvard reporting on it said the study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people who had higher levels of optimism had a longer lifespan. They also had a greater chance of living past age 85. The researchers analyzed data gleaned from two large population studies about 70,000 women from the Nurses Health Study and about 1400 men from the Veterans Affairs normative aging study. So they were asking, they were using questions from the life orientation tests to assess their optimism. And then they also use the optimism pessimism scale. For both men and women, higher levels of optimism were associated with a longer lifespan and exceptional longevity, which the researchers defined as surviving to 85.

This study controlled for factors like chronic physical conditions, such as hypertension, or high cholesterol, and health behaviors, such as smoking or alcohol use. So, again, kind of took this a step further, myself just in titling the episode saying humor, passion and purpose because I think there’s different ways and I think it’s a little bit easier to think through this in our own lives. According to the categories of like, okay, well, good, that’s great, Brittany, you’re just telling me to make 2023 fun again, to have more fun. How do I do that? I don’t know. I don’t like things are heavy. I’m drowning. I feel overwhelmed Half the time I am not in the physique that I want to be. Maybe your finances are what I want them to be. We’re far away from family, we don’t have a lot of help, like, different things or like I just again, lost a loved one recently. It’s difficult. So humor, we can infuse in so many ways my husband and I actually like if you’re not feeling funny yourself, not bad money. So that’s me. Like get it from outside sources, my husband and I, we’ve never been stand up comedy people. And this winter. We started doing this on Saturday nights where we would just watch different stand up and obviously this is a hard road to go down when you’re trying to watch clean things because you’re like, Okay, well, stand up comedy can be really raunchy. Somebody, he is a little bit raunchy, so I’m going to say his name anyways, but Sebastian manis Galgo hilarious. Don’t email me and tell me that some things were inappropriate. I’m telling you I know that there are some things that are inappropriate is definitely an adult thing. Do not watch this with your children. There’s definitely some swearing Okay, definitely some PG 13 material in reference like the dating world or something which you know, again, we could just fast forward we actually like doing just like YouTube clips of him I think we watched his specials to on like Netflix or Amazon Prime and we just fast forward if something was like You can tell when it’s not gonna go you know, it will not nothing graphic that to my memory or anything like that, but I have to disclaim it. I know he was not perfectly clean, but very funny to me because I do have a big Italian family. And a lot of that was very true like a lot of his outlook on life is very true. And then but the person perfectly clean I don’t think there’s anything questionable in his is an eight bar gappsi and we watched again, his like Amazon Prime, and I know everybody has different senses of humor. So you might think neither of these people are funny, and that’s totally fine. There’s some we’ve tried out a couple different ones we tried. What’s his name? Everybody loves him. Brian something. Brian? Gaffigan is that right? No, it’s Jim Gaffigan.
Brian, sorry, it’s Brian. I don’t know I can’t think of the guy’s name but I did not think he was funny. Whoever it was. It’s just like, he does a lot of facial things. And it was like it made me more uncomfortable to watch. Like you are not funny you creep me out. But anyway, it’s was fun and funny, just like pour, drink and laugh. And you know, rather than there’s also a lot of creepy shows on TV like I know a lot of you guys don’t even watch TV and that’s kind of and some of you do and whatever we’re all over the map here I know that but we’re kind of the like if we get into a show great We’ll watch it I know I’ve shared this other podcast for like we’re really into SEAL team for a while we watch Blue Book Blue Bloods sometimes whatever that kind of stuff. But they you know it can get so iffy and questionable stuff to that it’s hard but there’s a lot of just creepy TV out to like we were watching a preview for something and I was like oh my goodness there’s so many things that are just are really heavy and dark and twisted. So this is a whole nother topic like this is the whole you become like the five closest influences to you and that includes what we’re watching and taking in and you know, if you are often having like dark serious thoughts like also think about what you’re watching because that’s a big influence there have been a lot of times in my life where I realized I was like feeling like seasonally depressed It was winter and stuff or it could just say just feeling even like just the blues depressed whatever in general. And I looked back and I was watching some like dark show at the time doesn’t even have to be that dark but like where it’s just not great like not great things are going on a camping is the one I had to stop. Oh, well. It wasn’t a good show anyways, but I tried madmen. Like this is just making me I know some of you listening actually watch me. And they’ve seen me post about it. And it just to me, I was like, Oh my gosh, like I just feel depressed watching the show or even what’s the one everybody loves the crown. It’s like this, like not making me in a good mood. Do so. Alright, I’ve really got on a tangent and now I’m just chatting about shows but you get the gist infuse humor and maybe watch the end up. Something else we’d like to do. I mentioned the Rock, Paper, Scissors thing, but like accents, I think accents can go a really long way in bringing humor into the home of just, I’ll just answer the phone and accent to my husband, I’ll answer my kids in an accent, whatever it’s unexpected usually makes the person laugh. It lightens it up a little. And it’s just funny like these little choices we can be making like a lot of times we can even just answer something snippy if we’re like, annoyed by it, but then all of a sudden, you just answer in a little British accent and it diffuses a little bit. It’s all good. My husband will do that too. If like one of us has been a little prickly. Like if we just you know had one of those like, somebody snapped at somebody or snipped at somebody while you’re trying to like get kids ready. It’s always like when you’re getting ready for church. It’s always like something like that, where you’re like, oh, great, now we’re all gonna ride in the car together. Like I’ve seen reels about that means about that, like people riding in the car, do a family photoshoot, and they’re just mad at each other or whatever. So it’s always things like that, where we’re like, just got everybody in the car, but somebody’s mad because somebody had going to get like the diaper rash, because we forgot it or whatever. And we’ll just, you know, be in silence for a second and be like, Oh, it got a little spotty back there didn’t it or something and just defuse it, like, move on, life’s too short. So I think Huber’s great passion is another really big thing. I have one tattoo on my body and it is lack of passion is fatal. That’s how much I feel about passion. Because it’s true. I think apathy is like the silent killer of relationships of clearly actual, like human existence. If happiness and great gratitude and all these other things are indicators of living longer. Surely, apathy has got to be, you know, a really good indicator of decline and not having a great quality of life. So passions are hard things it’s like, again, while Brittany like I’m drowning, and kids are this that like how can I be passionate about these things, this is where I think figuring out ways to keep yourself really lit up motivated, excited about things in your actual day to day scenario is really important. Like, for me, you know, if I’m working with women, trying to get them to have a healthier lifestyle, right, and to reach some goals and feel better in their daily lives. Like, I don’t even know how to explain how to be passionate about that, because I just already am passionate about it. But I guess in the nitty gritty, I’m not passionate about balancing my books right about doing my bookkeeping. I’m not passionate all the time about making a post on social media, because I don’t like to be on social media that much. I’m not passionate about a lot of that kind of stuff. But I am passionate about the overall I guess this kind of bleeds into purpose. But say like, even in the home, I talk about this a lot with like cooking, we have to feed our families, right. And for most of a lot of us that is the female not always, a lot of times, cooking duties are shared or just the dad or whatever. In our household. I am the one putting meals on the table going grocery shopping and things. I could look at that as really mundane and really like, or I could get excited about it, get some new cookbooks, try some new things. challenge myself, like, Oh, I’m going to try to get really good at making this particular dish. I’m going to try to get really good at making pasta by hand, like just different stuff to stretch ourselves. And give us some like, zip behind what we’re already doing little geography, right? Okay. I think this is just so important. And again, like in our relationships, and our friendships, like pet, like apathy is the silent killer. So I’m gonna leave that one there. But I would just challenge you to think about that in your life, like, Hey, where are we? And how can we infuse more like, passion and excitement? And like real life, it’s grabbing a hold of life, not just floating along in it. And then purpose, you know that overall, what is our purpose here on earth to know love and serve God to be with him in the next to probably memorize that when I was five from the Baltimore Catechism, right? So yes, that’s our purpose to do our very best here on Earth, so that we get to heaven and we bring along as many people for the right as we can. And then what does that look like in the day to day, right? I have on my wall. I’ve shared this before. I don’t know if it says purpose or what it says maybe today’s goals and it’s number one. Now I’m not gonna I’m gonna forget them as I try to say it on here. I see it every single day number one, create a peaceful and joyful home environment number two serve who’s in front of me. Number three, get self and others to heaven get self and spouse to heaven, something like that. spouse and family to heaven. And whatever order they’re in. That’s a three on there. So it’s very clear, like that’s my purpose, every single day. And there’s things that come in and out of it. There’s factors that pop up in that right Right, sir who’s in front of me, so that looks very different every day. Some days that does look like being in my home homeschooling my kids serving those exact people. Sometimes it looks like bringing meal to somebody who just had a baby sometimes it looks like something I totally did not know is gonna come up for the day that now we’re doing or whatever. So our purpose can shift it should evolve. It should change I don’t think anybody’s purpose stays the same their whole lives. And we can look to like guys, we’re not alone in this and I think that one of the temptations of this age is to just listen to our peers. Like if you’re just listen to me on the podcast, and maybe you identify with a couple things I’m saying you’re like, yeah, like great. Don’t just look to meet definitely don’t look to me. Well then also don’t look to just, even people I talk about whose podcasts I love and my letter Lewis house are these people look to the lives of the saints look to people who had purpose who lived with passion, and it changed and it evolved. And I think something that’s such a beautiful gift to us, is the writings of the saints. Because in it, we can also see how human they were, and how it was not this picture perfect life. I recall probably every single day about how Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta had so many periods and like most of her life was spiritual dryness. Okay, because that’s big. A lot of us think like, Well, I think the biggest obstacle in us living lives of joy and happiness, whatever it is that when we’re not feeling it, we just like let it all go. I know this is me personally, like if I’m not in the mood, I’m not going to be praying that day. I’m not going to be working out. I’m not going to be happy with my kids. I’m not going to whatever. So same thing happens if I’m like, I’m not really feeling super faith filled and like I’m kind of in a seer like period of doubt or like, is this all like real? Am I I’ve like devoted my life to being a Catholic wife and mother here like Is this all for naught? Like should I actually be like James Bond living on an island somewhere drinking fruity drinks? Like maybe
he has these thoughts, but anyway, be like nobody like you. People other Saint like saints have these. I don’t know if Mother Teresa had the exact same thought as that. But you know what I mean? Like, there were doubts there were times where it was like, I don’t feel anything, but I’m still gonna pray. I you know, and I think that’s really inspiring and encouraging for all of us that, you know, it can’t always be we can’t always be a 10 out of 10 I like this feeling of elation. You know, and that’s I think to a step deeper and all these studies and everything that happiness as an emotion is fleeting, but joy is a totally different concept true Christian joy and that we can live with joy even when there are crosses and even when things are heavy. And I think there’s also really something this was even in the article they had at the end of the article in Harvard they had How can you be more optimistic and they had a couple categories not gonna go through all the individuals but as reframe situations, set goals set aside time to focus on the positive practice gratitude meditations, strengthen social relationships and practice the half smile and I thought the last one was really funny because it’s a psychotherapy technique to cope with sad feelings is to practice smiling for a few minutes each day if a full smile is not possible a half smile works as well. And I thought that was really funny when I was reading through this because I was like that yeah, that’s fake it till you make it like I have lived 80% of my life off fake it till you make it and I think this is a little bit more distinctly a female thing maybe not and maybe it’s because the only person I’ve pulled on this as my husband, but my husband seems to be more he is more even keel than I am like he’s just an even keel guy and very amiable guy and like, unless something really rocks him like he’s in a good mood and it’s you know, that’s just it whereas like you You never know I was joking with my sisters the other day about we were watching Hamilton together and other thing I’m not gonna recommend everybody but like yeah, we watched Hamilton together and we were and I’m like guys like doesn’t this doesn’t make you want to go like live your life like just like do the things and you know, like stay up all night tonight and like create something and I want sister’s like you are whacked out like it does not make you want to do that. And I was telling her I was like, see this is the problem like My poor husband who gets to live with me that like some days I’ll walk in for dinner and like, come home from work and I’m either like blasting 90s country and the kids are like jumping on the trampoline like whacking each other with pool noodles like yes in the house. And you know, like they were all goofy and crazy. Or he’s walking in and I’m like stirring sauce at the stove listening to the song where what’s her name? I can’t think for Nina Eliza and Alexander Hamilton are walking around. I’m not going to spoiler alert for you but you know that there’s those of you who have seen it or heard it there’s a sad part in there before Hamilton even dies there’s another very sad event and I’ll be like a weeping into my sauce like oh life so fragile like he just never knows what he’s gonna get. So I don’t even know why I said all that oh the fake it till you make it so if we lead with our emotions, and I talked about this a lot with working out and eating healthfully like yeah, if I try to listen to my emotions like what do I want to eat today? Well guess what? It’s not usually going to be a grilled chicken salad it’s usually going to be a pizza or ice cream or something or no do I feel if I asked myself do I feel like working out for every time I worked out I would really very rarely exercise. So I think the little half smile thing goes with a fake it till you make it like yes, things are heavy in life. Yes, we have like real sin problems and moral problems and just temporal problems and things to which I just in a recent podcast talked about how a lot of times we can solve half these things by just balancing our blood sugar and moving our bodies and hydrating ourselves. Which is really true. A lot of times we think things are sin problems, when really, you’re just hungry, and you haven’t like, you have to go use the bathroom and you haven’t, like drink water in seven hours, you know, those kinds of things. So I think it’s a lot of that. And I think it’s just the overall commitment to like pursuing the sunny side and the optimistic side. And having that hope, hope goes hand in hand with joy, hope that, you know, it, life’s gonna be better than the next but that we should be joyful in where we’re at right now. All right, thank you for joining me today on my little TED talk on happiness, but I hope that you gleaned something from it, and that it was helpful to you that’s what I’m here for trying to do. And to tell you about, you know, whatever random TV shows and stand up comedians, you may or may not want to check out. Alright, ladies, I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Next episode, we are going to talk about how you can have it all you can appreciate food, enjoy food, go out to eat all that great stuff while still maintaining a fit and healthy physique, okay, it’s not all or nothing. It is not that you either have to only look at food as fuel, or you get to indulge in everything and kind of what that balance looks like and what I think a really healthy relationship with food looks like that’s all for your next episode. Till then I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Go to If you want to work with me in any way, we’re not already working together and email me if you need anything pretty healthy. Alright, I’ll talk to you next time!

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    • Today’s topic, losing fat in a sustainable way.

  • You can literally live longer by being happy. 2:44

    • How to make 2023 fun again.

    • How to lighten things up and keep things fun.

  • How to make things more fun in life. 5:38

    • How to still make things fun in 2023.

    • The book of Syriac.

  • Better a poor man strong and robust than a rich man with a wasted frame. 8:25

    • Health of soul and body in syriac chapter 30.

    • Health is more precious than gold.

  • The importance of setting the tone for the home and being happy. 10:18

    • Nobody sets out to be the crotchety old lady.

    • Bible verses about building up a household.

    • Happier people have a 35% lower risk of death.

    • Higher levels of optimism are associated with a longer lifespan.

  • How to make your life more fun and enjoyable. 15:44

    • How to make 2023 fun again.

    • The importance of humor, passion and purpose.

  • What’s on TV that makes you uncomfortable? 18:11

    • A lot of creepy shows on tv.

    • The five closest influences on you.

    • How accents can bring humor into the home.

    • How to use accents to lighten up.

  • Passion is the silent killer of relationships. 21:13

    • Lack of passion is fatal, especially in relationships and relationships.

    • Passion in the home.

  • How can we infuse more passion and excitement into our lives? 23:27

    • Passion, excitement and real life.

    • Purpose, creating a peaceful and joyful home environment.

  • What happens if you’re not in the mood to be happy? 26:02

    • Happiness is a fleeting emotion, but joy is a different concept.

    • How to be more optimistic.

    • Fake it till you make it.

    • Hamilton and the fake it till it’s over.

    • Real sin problems, moral problems and temporal problems.

    • Healthy relationship with food.

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