Hey there, beautiful people. Welcome to today’s episode. Thank you so much for joining me and for being here. And I just really want to tell you, I’m going to require something of you by the end of the episode. So stay tuned for that. No, I just think it’s fun, I want to be able to share with each other things that we’re going to talk about, and hopefully inspire you to create some inspiration within this episode. So I’m going to share some of my favorite quick, easy, delicious breakfast ideas. And then I would love for you to kind of take that baton and run with it, I’m passing it off to you, because I love I truly do love this community and all of you listening. And even if we haven’t worked together before, but we’ve emailed or maybe you’ve just been a silent listener here, where I haven’t heard from you before, that you’ve been listening and hopefully gleaning some information and getting value from it. I love trying to complete the circle here and learn from each other make it a two way conversation. So after I share some of these things today, I would love if you would share some of your breakfasts over on Instagram.

So I’ll talk about that a little bit more at the end of the episode. Now today we are talking about five easy, delicious and healthy breakfast. So I’m gonna get right into it. These are just kind of good go twos that I have in the rotation.

Everybody’s different here, where when you’re planning your own week in your own meal prep. Some people like to mix it up every single day, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner is different every day of the week. Some people like to pick one thing and go with it, usually breakfast and lunch wise and then mix up dinners. Everybody’s different, or some people like to plan their dinners and their breakfast. And then lunch is leftovers. So I encourage you in general, if meal planning is still kind of not what you’d love it to be and it’s not very automated and you it’s like stressing you out every week. Try out some different things and see what kind of person you are in this regard. So how I typically do this in general is I am usually picking one breakfast and just writing that for a while and then I switch it up like so then I get in a breakfast, right? And I’m like, oh my goodness, I’ve had a shake every day for the last three months. Except the weekends or something when I when we do brunch on Sundays or that kind of stuff. I’m like, what were the other things I used to make? Oh, I forgot about overnight oats these love overnight oats Oh, I used to do this, you know. So that’s kind of this episode free to give you some ideas of macro balanced breakfast. And that’s what I do. In general for breakfast is like it’s usually I’m sticking with the same thing for a while because it’s working well. Or I’m in the habit of prepping it I’m buying the right things for it whatever, then dinners, I just always pre plan before the start of the week. And obviously more on this in my in the fall series we did about planning your meals. But I always get those planned before I grocery shop before the start of the week. And what that usually looks like is six nights of cooking one day of leftovers. Now in that six days of cooking, it also might be one like I call bailout food and might be like a frozen general Sour Chicken from Aldi, or something like that. And then lunches for me lately have more so been either leftovers, or I get a rotisserie chicken and a bunch of salad kits or have asked my husband not have but asked him, he’s usually in charge of the grill. Sometimes I grill too. But grill up a bunch of chicken on Sunday or Monday for dinner, I just plan it as dinner have him do a bunch. And I have that all week that that I can mix around like I can toss it in a wrap, I can have it with the salad kit, whatever. That’s usually my MO for lunches, either leftovers, or something very easy grab and go like that. But on the topic of breakfast, I just want to kind of give that overview if you’re like, you know, it’s hard to piecemeal things if you’re hearing this and it’s just breakfast, but your other meals are a wreck. You know, I just suggest getting some kind of structure in place and seeing what works for you. So that’s why I mentioned that because some people might want to try one of these different breakfast every single day. Others of us are going to be like let’s just pick one and racket for a while. So maybe jot these somewhere. So you can refer back to it. Put it in a notes on your phone or put it on a post it on your calendar or in your recipe book, whatever. So Oh, yeah. Like I’m sick of what I’ve been eating. What were those other breakfast ideas, you know, you can refer back to it.

So number one is overnight, overnight, or hot oats. Now, if you’re just hearing that thinking, great, that’s like 120 calories, 150 calories, whatever. How is that going to keep me full? In all of these examples. I’m looking for a macro balanced plate which whether you’re actually logging this in and plugging it in or not. We’re just looking at your plate visually you want to have a carb a fat protein, and ideally a green or vegetable present at every meal. So this is a very big distinction because I have trained people who many, many clients, and most recently, my one sister was like, I don’t know how you get full off protein shakes, because like I was trying to do the protein shake thing for breakfast and it wasn’t working. And I was like, Okay, what are you doing? Like, well, I’m taking my protein, and I’m mixing it with water. And that’s what I’m doing. I was like, that’s like 150 calories, no wonder you’re not full for very long or, and that does not count as a meal. That would be an on the go kind of snack or, you know, if you just needed a protein hit in between meals, that kind of thing. I want you to beef up your meals. So they’re actually a meal. Think about it. If you even roughly if you are not tracking, say the average person, a lot of laser work with around 1600 700 calories, say you are supposed to be taking 1600 calories a day. That is three meals at 400 calories right as 1200 and then to 200 Calorie snacks. If my math all worked out really well, I think it did. I think that was good on the fly. So we do not need to make our meals 150 or 200 calories, most of us would do better to have our meals be more around like 400 or 500. So then we also don’t need as many snacks or snack breaks, we can just eat be done for a couple hours and be full till our next meal. And then hot tip. Here’s a little aside, it’s fine to be hungry for your next meal. Like as soon as we feel slight hunger, some of us were like, oh my goodness, need a snack. Oh my goodness, I need to feel this like it is okay to have worked up an appetite by your next meal. That’s that’s a good thing too. So all right to the breakfast overnight or hot oats. So I’m not just talking about oats themselves. I like steel cut oats first of all, but I also use old fashioned oats and whatnot. I don’t discriminate, but I don’t use the sugary packets. So I just use regular old oats, whichever whichever ones still cut irregular that I use, oh, really bad timing, but my neighbor just sort of mowing the lawn. And I record it’s like right next to me. So my apologies. But you’re probably gonna hear that for a bit. Not Butter, protein powder. Now, I do not put a full scoop of protein in my overnight oats or hot oats, I think it makes it really chalky. But just to get the protein content up a bit, I do about a half a little half serving of it. So half a scoop or whatever. Again, nut butter, like these portions, if you you know, email me and say like, well, how much of each how much meat, it depends on your overall calorie needs. If you’re a person who needs 1500 calories a day, or your person who needs 1800 calories a day, that’s going to vary, right? So you might be putting in one tablespoon of peanut butter. Because maybe you want to eat guac later that day. But maybe you want to do to like it does not have to be the serving size. If you’ve worked with me before, these are the things we’ve talked about. But it’s, you know, it’s got its relative to you. Okay, and at this point, I don’t really measure anything, I just throw it together because I know roughly what my body needs. So again, it’s oats, nut, butter, protein, and then I do some kind of spices or flavoring. Like right now I’m into doing some like cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon and nutmeg. And then I mix it together with almond milk, ground flaxseed, and I add shredded zucchini for my vegetable and for my crunch. So that’s a lot going on. I’ve got my carbs, fat protein and my vegetable. And then I think a great way to not get bored of it is switching things up seasonally, like, Oh, I definitely thrown many chocolate chips sometimes too. That’s a really fun crunch to put in there. But sometimes then I’ll do I’ve actually done like pumpkin instead of almond milk, or banana. Some people mix theirs up. Instead of using milk. They might use Greek yogurt, or banana or pumpkin. I had one client who did butternut squash and hers and loved it. I’ve never tried that personally. But you can you know, get creative with it. I’m sure there’s a million Pinterest recipes for overnight oats or hot oats. I really I was just talking with a friend about this a couple weeks ago but really need and want to get back in the habit of just prepping like for little overnight containers in a row because usually they stay pretty well for at least I’d say three days maybe because I don’t have to think about it. I just grabbed on the fridge in the morning and also sounds like a really good idea postpartum to make sure I eat real food. I
don’t just grab a protein bar and ride that for like six hours. You know, we’ve all been there. Some of us are still there. That is what I did today. Legitimately did that today. Grabbed a protein bar, I ran out of time we were out of the house until like 2:30 and I was dying by the time I got not dying but I had surely worked up an appetite by the time I got home. And ironically last night, I made my husband’s lunch and just thinking I should make my overnight notes and then I just didn’t just clocked out by that time and regretted it today so overnights really convenient. I don’t heat them up then some people do heat them up the next morning. I just in Enjoy them cold. And like I said, the little crunch is good. So whether you like crunchy nut butter, or some mini chocolate chips or something like that, it’s a good move to sell anyway.

All right, number two is Greek yogurt, protein, granola, flaxseed. And then I drink a greens powder if I’m doing this. So I do think it’s great to get your vegetables from food as much as you can. But sometimes breakfast is just weird to work vegetables into. So I do use amazing grass, I am not sponsored by them, I get no money back from that, just letting you know what I use. Literally, because it’s just the Greens powder that seems most middle of the road, I put a little bit of research into this and looking up, you know, different qualities of greens powders, and some were just way more expensive, that I wasn’t going to swing. So I use it sparingly I use it when I’m traveling. And I use it if I know I’ve been laying on vegetables that day, I might not even worry about the Greens powder powder part, if I know I’m going to have a salad for lunch, that’ll bring out you know, several servings of vegetables. But vegetables just add that fullness that you might not feel otherwise. So sometimes I will drink that greens powder in the morning beforehand. But Greek yogurt and then a clean protein granola, it doesn’t necessarily have to be protein, especially with the Greek yogurt in there if you’re already getting over 20 grams. But I usually try to do something with a little bit of protein, but it’s still clean. And then ground flaxseed again is just a nice little fiber and fat boost. So that is option number two.

And option number three is a good old fashioned shake. So I just want you to go ahead and skip this one if you know you hate shakes, because this is I think one of the biggest myths in getting healthy or people who start strength training, where all of a sudden they’re like, well do I have to have shakes, and I really think I’m going to throw the ball in this court here. I think this idea was kind of promoted or started or whatever maybe a misconception with the whole beach body like phenomenon, because I feel like all of a sudden it was like, if you workout you’ve got to drink protein like here’s my shake everybody posts in the shake every day. And the truth is if you hate protein shakes, don’t do protein shakes, that’s totally fine. You don’t have to. The reason I think they’re a nice option is because they’re so convenient. Yesterday, I could not fathom throwing together a lunch for myself. But the point that we were already at
record day of homeschooling and life and whatever and I was like I just need calories in my body right now. I
think I’m just really letting you guys know where I’m at this pregnancy. Like, okay, I can’t I can’t muster up the energy to make my overnight oats for tomorrow, I cannot fathom putting together a launch I just need to get calories in the body. So I just made a shake, and I haven’t had a shake in a really long time. But I like it for that reason. It’s easy. It gets the calories and it’s easy to balance the macros out. Kelly Leveque is somebody who I talked about a lot in her approach to shake she has a book called body love where she talks about I think she recommends I could be making this up. It’s been a while since I’ve read it. I believe though that she recommends having a shake every single day has one of your three meals just because of the convenience factor. And again, take it or leave it if you hate them get some other food instead you absolutely don’t have to do this but they are convenient. So that being said my usual little go to there is frozen banana and this is what I did yesterday. Frozen Banana protein powder, milk of choice and I usually use almond milk here. Not Butter. I used peanut butter yesterday, and flaxseed again. Sometimes I actually take out the flex seat if I don’t feel like it being a little more like what’s the word grainy. So that when I take the leave is usually frozen spinach. And you could have Greek yogurt if you want. Sometimes I add some raw cacao powder if I’m using vanilla protein and I want it to be a little more chocolate peanut butter action kind of thing. I will say I do put a little bit of ice into I do highly recommend using frozen spinach and some of you I know like to use like frozen kale. Kale is a texture I cannot get past in my shakes. So I don’t do that. But I will tell you as soon as a different sister and I were talking about the one day I could not put spinach in my shakes. It’s disgusting. And I was like yeah, but to use like fresh or frozen, fresh and that is where I’m like okay, yeah, you get the full taste and texture of in my opinion, the raw spinach when you do that. I like to freeze it because I just think it makes it taste more ice. I don’t taste the spinach at all. So, again, convenient, easy, portable, you can take it with you. Alright, two more for you.

Number four is an omelet, or an avocado, Ezekiel bread and egg situation with bacon or sausage. Alright, I jotted these those notes down like a while ago when I came up with these five. So I really should have pre read through that but Essentially, I’m talking about having some kind of egg mixture combination with avocado on an English muffin, or on a Ezekiel bread with some bacon or sausage. This is my absolute favorite breakfast option, I have gone through the Bougie or seasons of my life where I have made time to, like have this before the kids or I make it kind of right before they get up. So when they’re gonna eat breakfast to mine’s already ready, but I’ll eat it with them. And I just do the egg and egg white combo together, cook that up, melt some cheese on top of it at the end toasted English muffin or the Z zekiel bread. I throw the bacon like right in the pan with the eggs when they’re like almost done cooking. So it doesn’t like run all over the place. But like the eggs are already pretty contained. You know what I’m saying? And it is beautiful. More often than not, this is something I do for lunches sometimes when I am at home. And I feel like taking that extra 10 minutes. Also, when I don’t usually have another protein prep if I don’t have grilled chicken or rotisserie chicken or something and I’m like, shoot, I need a protein. I will do this a lot of times for lunch. I have not done it in a while I should it’s making me want to think this is gonna be a great one my husband’s home for a couple of weeks with after the baby this might be the request daily when he is ready to help out in that area. But that’s great. It balances out all your macros. Maybe it’s a good weekend breakfast for you, too. If you’re hearing this thinking like I’ve got to get kids out the door like what is this lady talking about? You know, bookmark this for a weekend kind of thing. But it feels like a Category A category, it’s got your carbs, your fat, your protein. Again, Ancient Greens are great. We talked about that a little bit last episode. So that’s why I really like Ezekiel bread there or you know, whatever, any bread of your choice, really. And lastly, this is my easy, I’m gonna go meal. And it’s not exciting. So I’m gonna put the not exciting one is hard boiled eggs, chicken, sausage, and berries. Now you could also toss in the Greens powder to get some greens going.

Hard Boiled eggs are those things that when I was teaching full time, I used to just make a bunch of at the start of the week, and then I’d peel them all. So I’d have to go through that every morning, which is a pain in the butt. But still, that’s done. And I know there’s a bunch of hacks for that there’s probably a bunch of TiC TOCs on it by this point. I have not seen them. But they’re very easy to take. So I would just I mean, you couldn’t have an easier prep either I just would hardboil a bunch of eggs, cook up like five sausage links, or four sausage links, because I don’t do meat on Fridays, typically. And I remember I would use like the spinach and feta, chicken sausage. And then I would just put these in little like glass things with some berries, and you got the carbs from the fruit, you’ve got a lot of fan protein, you could even add you know, like a piece of toast with it or something just trying to keep this one a little more minimal, minimal prep for you. And you’ve got fat, all that good stuff that will keep you full for a while and also what I really like about that one, because some of us don’t have a huge appetite in the morning and we don’t like to feel stuffed. So this one I feel like checks a lot of boxes, you get some good calories in, but you don’t feel like stuffed and bloated after all right? So that wraps up what I have for you today. What I would love for you to do this is me passing the baton is to share pictures of your breakfast over on Instagram and either just tag me in them, like say breakfast idea or like Today’s breakfast, or I know I really do not use hashtags, but I’m gonna see if this can catch for this episode, y’all. If we hashtag it healthy Catholic mom’s breakfast because then we can search each other’s and that would be really fun to have, like a bigger arsenal of ideas or just visuals of the things that we’re talking about today. So share it tag me hashtag get healthy Catholic mom’s breakfast if hashtags aren’t a thing anymore, and we’re bringing it back. It’s all good. Just reset that trend. Alright ladies, I hope you enjoyed this today. I do hope it inspired you next episode, I know is not going to be for everybody. But it was a requested topic by several ladies and it is what our homeschool day looks like some chat a little bit about that with you next time. And until then, I hope you have a great rest of your day. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye


  • Quick, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas. 0:02

    • Brittany invites listeners to share their breakfast ideas on Instagram after sharing five easy, delicious, and healthy breakfast recipes.

  • Meal planning and macro balanced breakfast ideas. 1:18

    • Brittany discusses meal planning strategies, including sticking to one breakfast for a while and pre-planning dinners before grocery shopping.

    • Speaker suggests finding a structure that works for you, whether it’s trying a new breakfast every day or sticking with a consistent meal plan.

    • The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a macro-balanced plate at every meal, including a carb, fat, protein, and green or vegetable.

    • Brittany encourages listeners to beef up their meals, rather than relying on small, calorie-deficient portions, and to embrace hunger as a natural part of a healthy eating pattern.

  • Breakfast preparation and nutrition. 6:37

    • Brittany makes overnight oats with steel cut oats, old fashioned oats, and nut butter, adding protein powder for extra nutrition.

    • Brittany mixes oats with almond milk, ground flaxseed, and shredded zucchini for added crunch and flavor, and sometimes throws in chocolate chips for fun.

    • Brittany discusses the convenience of overnight oats, mentioning the benefits of prepping them in advance and enjoying them cold.

    • Brittany also shares their morning routine, which includes Greek yogurt, protein granola, and greens powder for added nutrition.

  • Protein shakes for convenience and nutrition. 11:27

    • Shakes for convenience.

    • Brittany shares their go-to smoothie recipe, including frozen banana, protein powder, and spinach.

  • Breakfast ideas for busy moms. 14:42

    • Brittany shares her favorite breakfast option: an omelette or avocado toast with bacon or sausage, made with eggs, cheese, and Ancient Greens bread.

    • This meal is easy to prepare and balances macros, making it a great option for weekend breakfasts or lunches.

    • Brittany shares breakfast ideas for busy mornings, including hard-boiled eggs, chicken, sausage, and berries.

    • Brittany encourages listeners to share their breakfast photos on Instagram using the hashtag #healthyCatholicMomsBreakfast.

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