Hello, my friends, it’s here. It’s here. Well, it’s almost here. So today, I’m going to chat with you and talk you through the offerings for healthy Catholic moms programs are 2024. I will try to be brief but thorough and you can please just know a little bit after this comes out. So this is going to come out on December 15. The signup email for these programs is coming out on December 21. So that is the first shot you get at signing up will be to the email list first. So if you try to go to the website, after hearing this, there’s like that little bit of delay, if you try to go like December 16 or 17th, right after you listen to it, I love that I love your enthusiasm. But hold out for that email, because that’s when everything’s kind of changing over Is that what that week of it. Alright, so I just wanted to give you a little sneak peek of what’s to come. So maybe you can already take that time before the email comes out are some really time sensitive things on here that you could think about pray about talk to your husband about what might be the best fit for you, you have time to shoot me an email or send me a DM. Hopefully, I’m mid baby snuggles, but we’ll be happy to get back to you to figure out what would be your best option. So like I said, email with the actual signups will be December 21. These options are not going to be available before that, but I just want you to know what is here. Okay, so I’m gonna start with kind of the easier ones that are more seasoned specific, always available. So this really actually is not changing for 2024, you can go ahead and sign up for them whenever is appropriate for you, I always have a 40 week pregnancy program on there. And I always have a 12 week postpartum program on there. These are both just heavy workout based, it’s a go through it at your own. Obviously pace based on your season there. If you’re weak 28 of pregnancy, you’re going through 28 and whatnot. And I am making some enhancements to that for the New Year as well, I was able to film a couple more things, this pregnancy around a couple more like stretching videos to prepare for labor, those kinds of things. So that’s fun. But those are always available. So you can grab those. Now if that applies to you, you could grab those at any point in 2024. I don’t take them up, put them down because obviously they’re really specific to your season of life kind of program. Now the two other big programs that I offer, this is pretty much everything healthy Catholic moms except for coaching calls and you know, rare one on one training sessions and things like that, which I do have coaching calls on my website, but I don’t even really offer the one on one on my website that’s more inquiry based, I’ll just take a couple ladies at a time. So you can always email if you want to know what that would look like. That ranges from like live zoom training sessions a couple times a week or once a week, to me writing you a plan to follow for you know, X amount of weeks, whatever. So that kind of stuffs not on there. So pregnancy and postpartum are the ones seasons specific to life. Now the other two big programs, the healthy habit I was offers is the eight week fat loss program, which is called simple sustainable fat loss. And then our monthly workout group, which is called the chasing greatness group. Okay, so first, I’m gonna hop into the eight week fat loss program. If you’ve already been through it, you can skip ahead and hear what Jason Grievous is going to be like this year, there are some changes, there is a little bit of a limited number for certain availability aspects of the program this year of the monthly workout program. So even if you are currently in chasing greatness, you might want to listen to what that’s going to sound like but might want to skip this next spec bit on the eighth week. If you are new to working with me, stay right here, the eight week is what I recommend for you. So it’s called Simple, sustainable fat loss. But not everybody that you know is in the program is pursuing fat loss. What the real meat and potatoes of it is, is that I teach you how to balance out your macros for your body. So that’s just balancing out your carbs, fat and protein. We start really simply I just have to start logging in the free version of My Fitness Pal, what you’re already eating. And then I personally go through with you and we just make modifications to what you’re eating to make it more balanced out to give you more energy. And yes, if appropriate, you’ll lose fat but I’ve had people ask me before like I don’t need to lose fat. Should I still do that as my first program with you? Yes, because there’s still so many aspects of figuring out your balance of macros that would benefit you like more energy throughout the day. No blood sugar crashes, all those kinds of things. And then if you have other goals like training for something or Are you want to put on muscle like we that is all included in that to you Don’t Don’t be, you know, put off by the fat loss part. But a lot of us do use macros to pursue fat loss. So a big part of the eight week program is the nutrition component. The other big part is, I lay out all your workouts for you for eight weeks, you have, you could just press play and go, you don’t have to think about it. I’m there coaching you in the videos. And it’s really sustainable doing I mean, obviously, I named the program the simple sustainable program, Fellows Program. But truly, it’s built in a way that you’re not doing hit and hammering your body, you ease in, we start right where you are, especially if you’re newer to working out or not working out at all right now that’s totally fine. Our last round that we’ve just wrapped up so many ladies came in who had never strained train before, or only did cardio, or were not working out currently. So it’s a very fun elite program, where we have weekly focuses and weekly prizes. So things like drinking 80 to 100 ounces of water. If you do that, five out of seven days, your name goes into drawing, and you might win a prize, all that kind of stuff, I have tons of helpful tools for you. Beyond I mean, obviously the workouts you just press playing girls, that couldn’t be easier. There’s PDFs if you prefer. But there’s also all these guides to help you out along the way, like a macro cheat sheet, a travel workout guide, A Guide to Eating out all kinds of things to help you that you get to keep you know after the duration of the program, you get lifetime access to it. So it’s run through teachable if you have an iPhone, you can use the app if you don’t you just use the website. I also share stuff via Dropbox if you prefer it that way. And honestly, ladies like this is not hokey, like, here’s my 30 day guarantee. But truly, I decided to put a guarantee on it this past last time we ran it, I started promoting this this way as well. And I mean it for 2024. Because I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. And I know that if you follow the workouts, if you follow my nutritional consultation and advice, you are going to see progress in the eight weeks like it is setting you up for life beyond the eight weeks. So we’re not expecting a super dramatic transformation in eight weeks, it’s more about getting some progress and then continuing to implement these things beyond the eight weeks. This is like really, truly, I’m trying to teach you how to fish rather than just hand you the fish. Because if you’ve done programs like that, like it all comes in a box, or you eat what’s mailed to your door, that’s well and good until you have no idea what to do after that and gain it all back. So I am honestly truly so confident that this will get you progress that I am willing to work with anybody who has followed the program and who does not see progress. I will work with you for an additional month as a one on one client and till you see progress. Okay, that’s how positive I am. And that you will, okay. There are only 20 spots for this. So when that email goes out on the 21st. And our last challenge sold out, like I had to turn people away and say sorry, join us in 2024. I only give away 20 spots because I give such personal attention. I personally am looking at your food logs every other week. All that good stuff. So don’t wait on the signup. And also, if you sign up by January 1, which I know seems like holy cow, well, then that’s real soon after the email comes out. Yes, I’m going to throw in five ways to jumpstart your fat loss, which is a checklist I have as well as my top 10 tips to stop wasting your time cheat cheat. So you have two tools. That’s the whole idea of you start if you purchase this by January 1, you can get these two tools and start working right away on that. For the first 15 days. This challenge kicks off on January 15, I should probably tell you so that you have two weeks to already start gaining some ground in the new year before we even start the challenge. So you can run through the details. Like I said really soon when that email comes out and then the man on the website, but essentially, eight weeks group style, but tons of personal attention because I am checking in with you. Personally we kick off January 15 so that it runs eight weeks from that you don’t need any special stuff. All you need is dumbbells and a band. And you’re already gonna start with the food you’re already eating. We use the free version of my fitness pale.
I think that’s really everything there’s an option to take before pictures and then after pictures, and you could win your purchase patient feedback. That fee is $200 for the program for eight weeks. And there is an option to purchase a VIP option which is 250 for the weeks and you get 230 minute coaching calls with me additionally, because we are checking in via email every other week, but sometimes people like to parse things out a little bit more Were check things out, either on video on Zoom or just audio and be able to ask all their questions have things explained to them a little differently, whatever. So if you think that that might be you and you want to go for the VIP option, that’s a much better value than just buying two coaching calls. To put that in perspective where your coaching calls are usually $50 for 30 minutes, so I’m basically giving you a free coaching call in there if you get the VIP option. Okay, so and by January 1, you’re gonna get my bonuses we kick off again, January 15. So I mentioned the pictures that’s optional, that if you want to submit before and after pictures, the person with the most evident physical progress, which in this case is fat loss, that’s what most of us are after. I’m the only one to these pictures. I’m the only one who decides this. And then if you’ve seen them on social media and stuff before, I always ask before, obviously I share them. So if you’re like, oh, I want to do that she might share this For My Eyes Only unless I’ve asked you and received permission. But the winner gets her $200 entry fee back. So that’s fantastic. All right now, chasing greatness. And my ladies, hopefully, you’ve stuck around if that applies to you. Chasing greenness is the monthly workout group, that is pretty much a continuation for a lot of it’s like where we keep the party going. After the eight week challenge 98% of the ladies in the chasing greatness group have done an eight week challenge. So even if you’re a listener right now, who has worked with me in the past, and you know, you’re like, well, I already did the eight week but I’m looking for something that might promote fat loss, keep me accountable, all that stuff. Chasing greenness is where you want to go, because essentially, I take the whole year, right? If you tuned in a couple of weeks ago, I was talking about how to plan your entire year of workouts. Make sure you’re being really thorough, including all different kind of exercise modalities and all that good stuff. I do that work for you. If you join the chasing greatness group, every single month, you get a new workout plan, but I’m doing all that legwork of this month we’re focused on getting lean this month, we’re focusing on getting strong. This month, we’re focusing on getting flexible, all these kinds of things. And that’s actually what we’re doing this year is a let’s get kind of theme. So every month is let’s get balanced. Let’s get something fill in the blank. So along with that we always have like little challenges, little giveaways I do I’ve done a lot of different things from giving away some healthy Catholic mom’s merchandise to amazon gift cards, to cash money. We do our own fat loss challenges in there. So we do do those as well inside Jason greens group, because that’s a question I get a lot is like, Well, are you doing like an advanced fat loss? You have already done your beginner kit? Should I like you’re going to offer one for people who have done your beginner, this was different did it everything else is inside the chasing greatness group. So no, it’s not always fat loss oriented. But that’s always like you can personalize anything in this group. So like that’s when usually I will have a coaching call with somebody or they’ll just shoot me an email, if it’s a quick question of like, Hey, I’m in cheesy greenish group. But I’m also training for half marathon. So what should my macros look like this month or whatever, like, I’m totally flexible and working with that with you and helping you figure out how to tailor it to you. So back to like the nitty gritty of it, it’s monthly, right, so monthly, you get new workouts, that’s all pre recorded videos as well. So you just press play and go, we do a monthly live zoom workout together. If you really don’t like doing videos, I have PDFs instead, both little picture demonstrations of the exercises, so you know what the heck you’re supposed to be doing, if you’re doing it that way. And then you get access to everything that was in the eight week challenge, which is kind of nice. All those different guides, like the travel guides, eating out guides, all my recipes that I’ve ever had from any program like the healthy through the holidays programs, or the eight week recipes, all that kind of stuff, you get access to just from being in the group. And you have this awesome community of women too. There’s over 60 ladies in it right now. And we have a Facebook group, so we can interact with each other, all that good stuff. So the price for this, I only offer a paid in full option until January 15. That magic date again, I just made it easier myself to remember everything’s 15. So after the 15th the cost of the group is 1499 a month, which I do want to tell you to kind of proud of the fact that I did not increase the prices like yes, a lot of stuff is increased for me. My website hosting like a lot like you know, the actual items that I give away for things, but I have not increased the price of this because I really, I really tried to take it into consideration like what would I be willing to pay for a monthly group which is why I actually lowered it. If you were in it in 2020 too, I was $30 a month and I have debt because when it came down to it, I was talking to a lot of ladies who I was seeing, you know, where they were at and heard where they were coming from of like, yeah, I really want to do this, like it’s a great fit. But 30 bucks a month is too much like I were working off one income, like I’m a stay at home mom, all these things that I related to where I was thinking like, yeah, I wouldn’t pay 30 bucks a month, even though I think it’s great value, don’t get me wrong. And then I from my end, see it as like, wow. Well, you know, in the training world, you pay so much for a one on one session, that like thinking like, this is a really good value compared to that. I mean, normally, when I was still doing in person, it was at least $30 for 30 minutes, or $60 for 60 minutes for a session. So if I had a client doing two sessions a week, say two half hour sessions a week, that was 60 bucks times four weeks, 240 bucks a month, they were paying for only two workouts, and then they still like figure out what else they were doing on their own and stuff. So compared to your in person, personal training prices, definitely I think 30 bucks a month is like a great, a great get there a great steal, hopefully. But in regards to like how many subscriptions we can have now and how many things you know, we just have to be, especially with like groceries and all that tight. Like I just get it I understood to me, I was like, yeah, 30 would be too much for me to be like, Hey, honey can I like, which it’s fine. I mean, he pays $15 a month, also to put to go to put this in perspective to go physically to the gym, but where he just has access to equipment, and doesn’t have anyone obviously he doesn’t need it, but to tell him what to do or whatever. So anyway, I hope that just is like me just being really transparent with you. And letting you know that I try to price it as fairly as I can to make it accessible to as many of you, as you know, would benefit from this. And that’s about that. So it’s normally 15 bucks. But and here’s the big caveat. If you pay for the whole year, the paid in full discount, I will give you one month free. So the paid in full is only available until January 15. And that is $165 is what it comes out to, to get one month free. Now new this year I’m offering I asked you ladies through surveys like what would you love to see what would you like premium for and across the board the biggest thing you want in premium offered in premium, there was lots of different ideas. And I will talk this out real quick too, because if some of you were in the chasing greatness group this year, one of the questions I asked was like, Would you like weekly zoom workouts? The reason as several of you did prefer that the number was still higher in favor of the monthly coaching call, which I’ll get to in a second. But the only reason you’re not seeing that offered, I’m still offering a monthly live zoom workout, not weekly. Because truly I’m having a baby. And I have no idea what scheduling is gonna look like what sleeping is going to look like and I don’t want to plan on a weekly time potentially rolling in with a baby on the Zoom it’s been done for you guys probably wouldn’t mind. Then we run into some timezone logistics that I’m in eastern time and people that might be, you know, a hiccup for somebody who’s in you know, Pacific to all the things so I’m gonna just keep it monthly. So it’s kind of a nice fun bonus if we get together. But you have the pre recorded videos, if not now what I am offering is the premium chasing greenness option, and I’m only taking five spots for this, okay? The reason I’m doing this is because we’re, I’m going to offer a monthly personal coaching call with you. So I have my coaching call calendar set up through Calendly. And you just get to go on, and every single month, January, February, March, April, whatever you book your call with me and it’s 30 minutes, either audio or zoom, where we get to personally talk about your goals, I can check your food logs, if you’re logging and want to do that.
Really be able to personalize things because like I said, it is a group program. And that way, it also helps hold you accountable where you know that every single month you’re going to be checking in with me. So that really you know, should make you want to get the workouts in keep on track that kind of stuff. So I can only offer five spots for this because that’s five coaching calls each month that I’m going to accommodate and make sure you know get on the schedule. So for that you have to pay in full for the year just to make sure that you know I can’t have fluctuation here. If I give the spot to somebody and I say only five spots then they decide it’s not for them in March or whatever. So that is paid in full only for $500 for the year, which, if you were using just the chasing greatness group for the year, like, even with that one month free, that’s 165 with the coaching calls, I did this math, I don’t have a me, it would come out to like $765 If you were to pay for a coaching call each month, and the Chasing Greatness group, even with the Chasing Greatness Group discount it would come to like 780, so it would be your total. And I’m offering it for $500 at this heavily discounted rate. So again, in the premium Chasing Greatness you would get everything you get in the Chasing Greatness group plus a monthly coaching call with me. All right. Oh, I know ladies, so many logistics today. I’m sorry. And this is like trying to make sure I hit it all but keep it brief. I don’t know how I did but the I’m sure there’s lots of dates and price tags and things swirling around your head. Just wanted to give you some time that email is going to come out December 21 that will have all of this outlined that will give you the opportunity to sign up for what you would love to sign up for and don’t feel pressured because unless you’re trying to specifically get in on a paid in full price which yes is a little discounted. These are things I know a lot of times a limiting factor is ladies like again I relate to this who don’t want to pay for a year because they don’t know if they will become pregnant in the year and you know then maybe you do just want to do monthly and the Chasing Greatness group because you don’t know if you’re gonna have to cancel it and hop over the pregnancy program and things like that. So give me a shout if you need any advice have any questions on what’s the best fit for you and December 21 All of these will become available. Alright ladies, next podcast episode we’re gonna talk about enjoying the Christmas season and that is really truly the last like holiday Christmas season one that I have for you so affect you then. Alright, have a great rest of your day.


  • Healthy Catholic moms programs for 2024. 0:10

    • Catholic moms can sign up for programs starting December 21 after an email list announcement on December 21.

  • Fitness programs for pregnant and postpartum women. 1:38

    • Unknown Speaker offers pregnancy and postpartum programs tailored to each season of life, with enhancements for 2024.

    • Eight week fat loss program and monthly workout group are also available, with changes for this year and limited availability for certain aspects of the program.

    • Unknown Speaker teaches a 8-week program called the Simple Sustainable Fitness Program, focusing on balancing macros for energy and fat loss, with weekly prizes and helpful tools.

    • The program starts where participants are, with modifications to their diet and workouts to make them more balanced and sustainable, with a focus on energy and fat loss, and lifetime access to the program’s resources.

  • Fitness challenge with personalized coaching and bonuses. 6:46

    • Unknown Speaker offers a 30-day guarantee and personalized attention for 20 participants in their challenge, promising progress in 8 weeks and additional support beyond that.

    • The speaker is confident in their program’s effectiveness and is willing to work with participants who don’t see progress, offering one-on-one support for an additional month.

    • Unknown Speaker offers an 8-week fitness challenge starting January 15, with personalized coaching and a chance to win $200 for the most evident physical progress.

    • VIP option is available for $250, including 230-minute coaching calls and the opportunity to submit before and after pictures for a chance to win $200.

  • Fitness group pricing and value. 11:05

    • Unknown Speaker discusses Chasing Greatness, a monthly workout group with new workouts and live Zoom workouts, as well as access to previous content and a supportive community of over 60 ladies.

    • The group is tailored to individuals’ needs and goals, with personalized coaching and accountability, and includes PDFs and pre-recorded videos for those who prefer them.

    • Unknown Speaker discusses pricing for their group fitness program, offering a paid in full option until January 15th ($1499/month) and lowering the price from $30/month in 2020.

    • The speaker acknowledges the value of their program compared to in-person personal training prices, with a focus on accessibility and affordability for their clients.

  • Fitness program options with a limited-time discount. 17:05

    • Unknown Speaker offers premium coaching option with monthly personal coaching calls and pre-recorded videos, with only 5 spots available.

    • Paid in full discount is available until January 15, with a savings of $165 for one month free.

    • Unknown Speaker offers personalized coaching calls for $500 per year, with a discount for those in the Chasing Greatness group.

    • The email with details will be sent on December 21, giving participants the opportunity to sign up for what they prefer.

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