Hey there beautiful ladies, I hope you’re having a wonderful day and a wonderful Advent so far. So today, I just want to have a little kind of heart to heart with you a little pep talk before. Hopefully, I know it’s probably a crazy season. And maybe you’re not even getting to this until after Christmas. And I don’t blame you, because that’s when I then go and catch up on all my favorite podcasts. But in the chance that you are working out or wrapping gifts or doing any of the assessment of things. This is like truly, if we were sitting down having a cup of coffee or just chatting, what I would say if you are a little bit worried about or all over the place in worrying about just us wear you out again, how during the holiday season is going to affect your waistline. Now I know weeks and weeks ago, we talked about how to prep for the holiday season ways to stay healthy through it. But this is kind of the point where I don’t super relate this year. Because this year, I feel like you know, it’s just that I don’t really care mode. You know, you don’t feel like I’ve spent nine months being bloated, and then now I’m pre recording this. So I’m still very pregnant while recording it. But I at the time you’re hearing it. I’m in those early days of postpartum which I find actually, like less fun than being a giant poster. I love when the baby gets here. I love snuggling that baby I love I’m a huge newborn time person. Like I know some people are not or some people or not three month people for when people I love the newborn season so much because I dislike being pregnant so much. So I love the actual baby season because even though like you’re not sleeping, even though all these things you I’m like distracted by it, where I’m like, Oh my gosh, but I get to snuggle this baby. And I know a lot of you feel the same way. But what I don’t like I’d rather be like big nine months pregnant, which I’m sure many of you can relate to then be like couple of weeks after, where you’re like, oh boy, still like five months pregnant. But okay, I thought we were done here. Now, like I said, I still prefer this time because you feel more like yourself already. Just being able to like kind of sleep on your stomach and all those things that you missed. Except for nursing boobs. You’re like, I can’t sleep. So anyway, I digress. I’m just saying that, you know, this is gonna be its own little weird year for me, I’m sure just timing wise and that hopefully, my how I’m trying to mentally prepare for it is like, Yep, I still am going to enjoy the treats and enjoy the Christmas cookies and things like that with my family and not, you know, think alike. But I look like this. So I can’t because it’s going to, like time will take care of that. Like all of that postpartum stuff. That’s an another kind of pep talk that’s in the postpartum pep talk. But for all of you today who are not in that weird postpartum time, right in this time, this can be the time where you’re like, Okay, I thought I was gonna be okay with it. I’ve been trying to be pretty healthy. But now I’m feeling pretty bloated. That’s why I got on that whole tangent. Because you might be starting to feel like oh, are my pants getting tighter? Like, oh, like, and start kind of letting guilt in panic set into this season that should be hopefully joyful, and, you know, full of full of indulgences truly. And I mean, that 100% I think that there is a time to mourn and a time to rejoice in everything, please ask us tells us right? I know, I just do that on a podcast and the other day. But it’s really true. I mean, we are supposed to be enjoying Advent, I mean, Advent is a time of waiting for the Christmas season, but then enjoying the Christmas season. And then we’ve got months ahead where we’re supposed to be cutting back and supposed to be sacrificing and abstaining and fasting and all those things. And there’s a time for that. So truly, I’m just here to encourage you enjoy the holiday season. And a lot of us to like you might be listening to this and you’re in a really good spot even though maybe jeans are feeling snug. You feel like you might have had a little too much sugar lately. You know, that happens. That’s kind of the nature of around this time. Like that still happens the best of us still usually happens to me. Where by December 31 I’m like oh yeah, like I’m ready to scale back on the drinks. I was just gonna say nap this year by then I’ll be able to scale back on the drinks scale back on the Christmas cookies like i My body feels it. And that it’s okay to get there too. Like I think that’s very normal natural. What I like to do a lot to kind of assess how much I’m going to care about something in however, like long say in five years time, 10 years time, whatever. I like to think of myself as a little old lady God willing. And I’m always like, Okay, what eight year old Brittany care about this. Like what eight year old Brittany tells me don’t have those Christmas cookies with your kids watching off because you just had hot chocolate Bailey’s night before, and you’re probably gonna gain five pounds. So don’t do it like? Or would she be like, you’re able to look pretty good how I’m like you’re not overweight, you’re fine. If you gained, like, couple pounds in the holidays and get it off in the new year, you know, and a lot of us are there where you have been, we’ve worked really hard to maintain and achieve a physique that you like, and you are just maintaining it, but then you’re feeling those couple extra pounds. And that’s what’s making you nervous. But that’s just really normal. And I just want to tell you that, like, that’s how I feel, every time is like, Nope, this is fine, like it is seasonal, you have that kind of confidence in knowing that you can get back to where you were before. rather than it just be like a yo yo thing. It’s more natural, kind of seasonal thing. But for those of you who are not where you want to be, because you might be listening to it and be like, well, Great Britain, but I’m not where I want to be, I still want you to enjoy this season. And I still want you to do it guilt free, and shame free knowing that if you only maintain, or even if you gain gasp of five pounds this month, it’s still going to be okay, what you do most of the time matters more than what you do some of the time. So let this time be your some of the time. Now. I set up all these parameters before saying you know it, maybe you’ve listened to those episodes. Like make sure so even your greens in your protein don’t let every day be like Christmas Day. And I still agree with all that like, this is coming out on December 19. So December 20. If you have a normal day ahead, like eat your protein, eat your greens, eat your whole clean foods, you know, but don’t, they’re just naturally are some extra indulgences in the season. So if you’re normally really on the ball with 8020 80%, whole clean foods, 20% treats and right now is looking a little more 7030 or honestly 6040. If that’s you for the next week, being a little more 6040 You’re still not going to gain 20 pounds, okay, you’d have to like really be trying to go 100% every day to have it really derail all of your progress or set you way back. So I just want you to take a deep breath and relax about a little bit think about truly like, Yes, I still advise you to pick and choose what’s worth it. So if someone if I’m like at a social gathering to me at a Christmas concert, and someone offers me one of those things called I think jingles those little Christmas cookies. I’m gonna say thanks. But no, thanks. Because I don’t like them. I think those are the ones I think don’t quote me on this. It tastes like Anna’s I do not like seasoning Amanda’s. So definitely say no. And that would just not be worth it to me to have like a storebought cookie, no shaming and that if you’re the mom bring storebought cookies or things but I’m just not going to essentially waste my calories on that. So still say no thanks to the things that don’t matter. But if you just made Christmas cookies for your whole family, and you guys are going to snuggle up and watch movie, you really want to have one. And it’s like social bonding, beautiful moment, have the cookie, you know, 80 year old you would probably tell you to have the cookie and to have it happily and to not think now I need to run five miles tomorrow or whatever. Like that is disordered thinking around food, enjoy the cookie, pick it out up tomorrow, eat mostly whole clean foods. And if that, again, what you’re doing some of the time is taken over a little bit. It’s not going to kill you for the next couple of weeks. We’ll get back on in January, not in a like, whoa, we’ll just burn the wagon down because I fell off the wagon way but in that normal like, Alright, I’m okay with a little excess. Because we’re going to be scaling back soon again. For everything there is a season Okay, so this is also my own personal take. This is where I find enjoying life along with being healthy for the long haul. So you’re not always depriving or always saying no. Or and you’re not always giving in and always in a season of excess. But enjoy this for what it is. Enjoy the people. Enjoy the situations try not to stress eat cookie dough yourself and to am wrapping gifts. Because you’re behind like that’s not what we’re talking about that would fall under disordered eating category. We’re talking about relishing the beautiful moments and doing it still in a moderate balanced way. A tall order I know. All right. I hope that was helpful and it was what some of you needed to hear today. Please email me if you need help with anything or just want to chat or if you appreciate it or enjoy this episode. My email is Brittany at healthy Catholic moms.com You also could show some love by rating and reviewing the podcast if you haven’t done that before. I would appreciate it ladies next episode. If you are keeping up with these during the holidays. We’re gonna talk about fitness and health trends for 2024 We’re starting to gear up for that it’s a fun one all right I will talk to you then have a great rest your day bye


  • Staying healthy during the holiday season. 0:03

    • Host offers a pep talk and advice on staying healthy during the holiday season.

  • Pregnancy and postpartum experiences. 0:54

    • The speaker prefers being pregnant to the postpartum period, finding it more enjoyable to snuggle the baby after birth.

  • Managing holiday indulgences and self-care. 2:22

    • Unknown Speaker discusses feeling bloated during the holiday season and encourages listeners to enjoy the indulgences without guilt.

    • Unknown Speaker emphasizes the importance of balancing joy and self-care during the holidays, acknowledging that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed or not okay.

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season. 4:31

    • Brittany encourages listeners to enjoy the holiday season without guilt or shame, focusing on maintaining progress rather than achieving perfection.

  • Balancing health and indulgence during the holidays. 6:18

    • Relax and prioritize enjoyment during the holiday season without sacrificing progress.

    • Enjoy the holiday season without overindulging or stress eating, find balance.

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