Hey beautiful ladies, welcome to today’s episode. Welcome to the podcast. Whether you’re here all the time, or you’re new here, welcome, and I’m so happy that you are here. So a little bit of a fun episode for you today. I have been doing this annually, at least this is at least the second annual report on the upcoming trends. I think I might have done it for three years, though I’m not positive that years are blurring on together. So I got this data from the mind body app, they did this whole research study, and I am using their findings to let you all know and I just really was curious for myself what they think is going to be hot for 2024. So that was my sources here was again, the mind body app, which you’ll notice a lot of this is tailored to like figuring out it seems like class styles and things because mind body is usually an app used for booking at studios, but not all of it. So either way, I thought it was interesting. And thought I’d share that with you. Sorry, excuse the cough. So I think there are six I believe I’ve got six Yep, Top of Mind Body has released its 2024 predictions report revealing the top six well wellness trends that consumers and businesses can expect in the coming year. Now, this is on f f li at HLE. Tech news.com. If you want to look at it yourself, it was number one I was so excited to see this on here is strength training strength training leads the 2024 predictions report. Oh my goodness. So if you are newer year, holy cow. This is what I’m talking about all the time. And if you’re not new here, and you’re like oh, wow, burning, did you actually write this? Is this your pen name here. But no, this is just very exciting that I’m always talking about strength training and high protein amidst other things. And strength training was the very first thing it said as bind bodies report points out Strength Training offers numerous benefits, including improved mobility and flexibility. All of these things about strength training, strength training offers something for everyone, so on and so forth. So I am thrilled to see this. I love that this is the trend not like we’re finally I feel like seeing a little bit of a shift away from all the hit. Hit is okay it has a place I myself program and hit once or twice a week. For people who are looking for fat loss specifically, or just want to get in some cardio and don’t have a lot of time, it’s a great option. Because you can do more in less time. But strength training has got to be the bones of your program. little shout out for myself and my programs here is that all of my programs are rooted in strength training from the prenatal program down to our fat loss program down to our monthly workgroup. So this you will see this has been the trend forever since I’ve been the trainer in charge of my own stuff, we have leaned towards strain training. So happy to see that here. But also check out our programs if you want it all played out for you. Because strain training can be scary for those who are newer, it’s easier to just think like I’ll just go for a walk or I’ll just go for a run because I don’t know what to do. But it is wise to have someone guide you especially in form if you’re newer to strength training. All right, number two, Trend number two is the social side of wellness. I saw this and was like wow, yeah, I totally agree. So it says consumers can expect to see an increase in events hosted at salons, barber shops and spas to build community and brand exposure. And it’s funny in our area, this past year, there were a ton of combined events with fitness, and spirituality. So different, like come have a night of stretching and praying the rosary and support this cause or I went to a spin ride that was for a to raise funds for religious organization and things like that. So I have seen this. And I think that part of it too, is like this big push on community aspects after COVID Like we’re all just happy to have events. And I think it’s cool. I mean, a lot of times we see, like sippin shop like an alcohol event paired with something else, which I also love. So not dissing that at all. Like I will slip in job all day. That sounds great. But I also love the idea of like spinning for a good cause and getting tacos after like, that’s also great. So that was really cool. Okay, number three is show me the science. It says in an age of doubt, consumers have come to expect science based products and services and are predicted to become increasingly discerning over what they consume, and use in their daily life. So basically saying that a trend would be to use things that are supported by research now. Again, I’m just going to say here that has been and Mo around here in healthy Catholic mom’s from day one that I only use the most effective and, you know, research based science based exercises and methods and all that stuff. So I love that I think it shows that we’re all thinking about what we’re doing rather than just taking it blindly. Alright, that was half of them already. Number four is says Don’t sleep on rest. It said that as people continue to burn the candle at both ends, a backlash against busy has developed with consumers realizing sleep deprivation doesn’t equal gold star. So mind body predicts sleep hygiene will catch on with consumers. So very cool. Again, another thing I’ve talked about a lot, but I’ve talked about more recently in this last year. So I do think that this has been like a hot topic just around the health and wellness world in general, like you need sleep. So do what you need to do. Obviously, people are going to try to sell you a million things because they are talking about how this is predicting Consumer Reports and things. You may not need a new mattress, you may not need a new pillow, you may not need a wearable sleep tracker, you may not need any of these things. I have a seven year old mattress. I know that because we got when we got married, okay, seven years, I have never worn a sleeve dragger. I had like Walmart pillows, up until last year where I got like a decent pillow for the first time. So the pillow is like the only decent thing I have. But truly, it mostly comes down to giving yourself enough time to be in bed. And then obviously, a lot of us have the huge caveat and asterik of if our kids sleep and cooperate with that, but that is the trend. So there you go. Two more, I believe Yeah, two more. And the fifth little trend that mind body is predicting is a demand for cold and heat therapies will continue to surge. Almost a quarter of consumers have experimented with cold or heat activities such as cold plunging and infrared saunas. So this is really interesting. I’ve talked about both a little bit on the podcast, and maybe we’ll get more into it then for this year in 2024. And my husband just brought this up with me the other day, he was like, You’re gonna start running out and jumping in the snow again, this year, because last year, I was doing that, in 2023 started out by as soon as my feet hit the floor, which was really putting my bathing suit on going outside, up to like my neck in the snow and sitting there for as long as I can handle it coming back in. This fell off somewhere between getting the snow going away. So it getting too difficult for me to do this without like an actual cold plunge tub. And besides the idea of like filling up my own tub with cold water every morning, which I definitely could do. My water bill wouldn’t love that. But anyways, and getting pregnant. So at some point like that fell off in between where I’m like, Yeah, I’m not doing anymore. But interesting. Saunas have had data forever, that they, you know, boasts a ton of health benefits. So that’ll be interesting to chat about in the coming months. Let me know your thoughts or if you haven’t, I know some of you I’ve talked to on coaching calls and stuff. And I’m like, I know you can’t do like an 18 step morning program and you’re like, I actually do have a sauna. I’m like, Oh, wow. Okay, so they’re becoming more mainstream. All right. Last one is Mind Body predicts that some leading boutique fitness operators will design classes and offerings for a more mature set of fitness enthusiast, and that older adults will head to finish studios in larger numbers than before. And the title of this one was boomers join the wellness craze. So it sounds like they’re expecting that. It says older wellness enthusiast, especially those who are retired, may desire the community aspect of group fitness as a way to mingle and make new friends. So if you are maybe in the more Boomer age range, listening to this thinking like is it too late for me? Or, you know, am I ever going to be more fit or whatever? There you have it, it is you’re on trend this year, to make a big comeback. And don’t be, you know,

I loved when I taught in person classes. I loved the variety of ages we have in class that there was somebody that was there who could be my mom or older. You know, it was older than my own mom, taking a class and amidst an 18 year old amid someone who brought their teenage kids like I love that. So fitness is for everybody. And I like that that’s on here. So again, that was on athlete tech news.com You heard it here first. This is where you know the predictions for 2024. So do what you will but I really hope you will shrink train because everyone should be doing that and sleeping. Alright, next episode we’re going to talk about three game changers for me from 2023. I did a similar episode to this last year where there’s actually only one I talked about one habit that changed my entire life. The year and I should go back and listen to it. I believe it was adding silent prayer time into my day if I’m not wrong. So it’s not health and fitness related necessarily, but this year, I’m going to share with you three game changers that I had. That really did change my whole flow my days, my year, I felt I benefited from on the whole. So that’s on deck and then on double deck, we’re going to talk about goal setting in the next episode after that, for 2024. So hopefully, maybe something that I share in the next episode of things that really helped my year this year will maybe be helpful to you, and then we’ll get to goal setting after that. All right, ladies, I hope you have a great rest of your day and I’ll talk to you next time. Bye


  • 2024 wellness trends based on research report. 0:02

    • Strength training leads 2024 wellness trends report.

  • The benefits of strength training and its importance in a wellness program. 1:46

    • Trainer emphasizes importance of strength training in fitness programs.

  • Consumer trends in wellness and spirituality. 3:25

    • Consumers seek science-backed products and events, prioritizing community and cause-related experiences.

  • Sleep hygiene and cold/heat therapies for wellness. 5:20

    • Consumers prioritize sleep hygiene and cold/heat therapies in 2023.

  • Fitness trends in 2024, including saunas and group classes for older adults. 7:03

    • Unknown Speaker discusses the benefits of saunas and how they’re becoming more mainstream, especially among older adults.

    • Mind Body predicts that boutique fitness operators will design classes for older adults, offering a social community aspect for retired individuals.

    • Host shares predictions for 2024, including the importance of fitness for all ages.

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