Welcome to The Healthy Catholic moms podcast where we make moving and nourishing our bodies the priority so that we not only fulfill our vocations, but excel in our callings. I’m Brittany Pearson, a Catholic wife, mom, personal trainer, and I’m here to help you build healthy habits that actually fit your life. I am here to teach you how to get the results that you want and maintain the results that you want without spending hours at the gym, or meal prepping all weekend long. I understand I am right here with you getting my workouts done in the nooks and crannies of time, looking up recipes, while nursing babies and trying to prioritize my own health amidst everything else going on. But I have really good news for you, you can get the results you want. In less time without doing hours of cardio and restrictive dieting. I’m going to teach you how to use strength training and eating in a macro balanced way to get you feeling so good and your skin full of energy, and strong to carry out your life. Okay, on this podcast, we’ll delve into how to lose fat in a simple, sustainable way. What your workouts and nutrition should look like during different seasons of life, like during pregnancy and postpartum times. We’ll also discuss healthy quick meals, and how to get them on the table make food that kids will actually want to eat. Mom hacks for making your day run more smoothly and so much more. All the while with continuous encouragement to stay the course and live with discipline. This is a place where we’re striving to steward our bodies well in order to joyfully serve. I am so happy you’re here. Let’s dive in.

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Hello, my friends. Welcome to today’s episode. Thank you so much for being here. I am super happy to be here with you in this new year, new month. Welcome. If it’s your very first time listening, welcome back. If you’re all the time, I promise I will stop talking about this very soon because these programs are right up and coming here. But this is your reminder that a lot of program cut offs are happening very soon, January 15. So if you are interested in working with me in 2024 Yes, there’ll be more opportunities later on throughout the year. But there’s a couple that first and foremost, the Fat Loss Challenge is an eight week group program, I only run three times a year. So if you do miss the boat on it, you’ve got to wait till spring. So you can go back and listen to all the details. In a December episode, I outline what that looks like all our programs, you can also go to the website healthy Catholic But it kicks off January 15. So just want to give you a reminder on that deadline. Now the chasing greatness group is a monthly workout group. That is for those who have already done the eight week challenge who wants to hang around and continue to work out together, train together, just be motivated by each other. It’s a community of over 60 ladies right now I’m sure much more. We’re gonna grow even more in 2024 we do live zoom workouts together, you get pre recorded videos every single month, you get meal plans, all that great stuff. And that you can happen any month of the year. So even if you’re thinking like well, both sounds great. I would love you to do the eighth week first because it really sets the foundation then yes, you could absolutely happen to Jason greenness group later on in the year. That’s what most ladies do. But if you have done an eight week challenge with me already, and just want to hop into the JC grievous group, I have a an early bird price that goes away January 15. So January 15 is the cutoff for both for sure. I’m trying to close the challenge sooner than that it might be close at the time of you hearing this. I’m not sure you can check on the website because I am pre recording this a little bit ahead of time. All right now down to business. Today we are talking about how to raise the bar for yourself in 2024. Now first and foremost, I want you to know I’m always talking to myself, Okay? I have to tell myself these things all the time. And these are real conversations I have with myself like a crazy person with my friends. Also crazy people No, I’m just kidding. That we get to bounce ideas off each other that I’m super thankful for. And then my husband as well who God bless him has to listen to like these. I feel like I have a revelation each time he’s like you talk about this stuff every couple of weeks like you know that like it’s it is on a rotation but it feels like oh no, I just had this like grand you know, idea this epiphany. And it’s so easy. This is why think like oh every time I feel like it’s a revelation it’s so easy right now in our culture to get super sucked in to just the placating ourselves that we need to cater to our every emotion that we are just doing a good job because we woke up for the day. Like seriously if you already rolling your eyes and laughing at me Think about the memorials you see, or the memes or whatever. I mean, we are a very far cry from like, going on the Oregon Trail. I like to think of really drastic things, I’m like, women, like plop their babies out on the trail and then stuck them in a wrap and had to keep going, or you were gonna die like you were gonna, you cannot be left behind. Yes, those are human, that is where my mind goes. But, you know, it’s just very easy to look around and get the like, pat yourself on the back, because you’re doing enough, you’re probably not even recognized as it is, you know, don’t like very, very handhold the soft vibe is what’s going on, in my opinion, and motherhood, culture, and just in culture, in general. So I kind of want to push back on that a little bit. And I have some points that I really will follow. So it’s not just a rant the entire time, but a little bit more structured. My first thought here is that comparison, in my opinion, can be motivating, and I think is actually kind of a tool. Now, I do not mean comparison, like, Wow, she’s so you know, thin and toned or like athletic looking like, I wish I looked like her. I am not talking about a jealousy, or envy kind of situation. I’m talking about when you look at someone who maybe has even more pressing circumstances than you do. And you’re like, well, she’s doing it somehow, like, I can do it too. You know, that’s what I like to think. In a lot of situations where I feel overwhelmed or I feel that’s a been a main thing for me. You guys know if you’ve been here for a while that we are homeschooling currently, and I only have a first graders who are like, officially have to homeschool, you know, and then I’ve got preschool or toddler etc. And a baby at time of recording this. Well, when the time of you listening to this, I’m so pregnant at time of recording this. So right now, I am homeschooling like two and a half kind of. But when I think holy cow, how can I possibly Holmes like Teach this six year old math when I’ve got a three year old and a two year old, like wrestling in the corner like this is actually impossible. I think no someone else is doing it. And someone’s doing it with like, twin two year olds, and they’re pregnant and whatever. And you know, the list goes on and on. Where like, you can feel bad for yourself that you have to solo parent, say two days a week because your husband works like morning tonight. And then there are people who have lost their husbands who are literally single and solo parenting all the time. 24/7 You know, so those are things I think about in a lot of different categories. So I think it’s helpful with health and fitness and stuff too is like we get, we can very easily give ourselves the out, give ourselves the excuses of, well, I don’t have the time, but I don’t have the resources, we’ll find more families. I don’t have any family in town. Some people have their mom’s help and watch the kids like lots of different things we can kind of just pacify ourselves with and at the end of the day. Even doing that does not make us any better, doesn’t make us feel better, doesn’t help us reach our goals more be happier, healthier anything. You know if I thought that?
Well, because I don’t have a mother’s helper I don’t have anyone who routinely watches my kids etc. I’m running a business homeschooling blah, blah, blah. If I were to compare myself to somebody and think like, well, she has a mother’s helper every Tuesday and on Thursdays her husband works from home. So she gets another workday like, well, I could be successful in XYZ. If I just had that, like no, own your circumstances and figure out what you’re doing. Somebody else is doing it with less resources than you are that’s just true. So I think comparison can be really helpful in that way. Like somebody out there has it harder and they’re doing it or or just being inspired by amazing things people have done no matter what the resources and things like that. Like my kids and I were doing science the other day. And it was his it’s a book that has QR links to scan and you watch whatever video there was a 14 year old boy who climbed like all of the highest peaks in the world he had seen a video I’m gonna butcher this retelling, but I think okay, loosely think he had seen a video about somebody climbing Everest or read a book on it or something and decided he wanted to do that. So this kid ends up climbing all these peaks, Everest, Kilimanjaro all these places. By the time he’s 14 Like his first summit, I forget which one it was, was it 10 years old. And I’m watching that also as a parent thinking like that is terrifying. And I do not want my 10 year old to try and climb mountain like the dad did it with him. That was like my I showed my husband later I was like, could you imagine a parent that’s like yeah, let’s do it. Like I I want to climb a mountain with you and not, you know, absolutely panic the entire time. But I’m a far cry from that. But I’m saying like for kit, my kids watching that thing like, oh my goodness, like they saw what was possible for a 14 year old to do. Yeah, and I don’t really want them to do that. But I hope you get my point there, like just seeing what other people do sometimes opens your eyes to so many more possibilities, like we just sometimes pigeonhole ourselves into why can’t do that, when then all the reasons why. And that’s kind of, I’m gonna actually bounce around who said I wouldn’t, but you don’t know my bullet points. So it’s okay. This wasn’t like three bullet points down. But I think it applies very closely connected to this, I think is the fact that we it’s easy to settle into identities. And my that talks about this a lot in his the power of one more book, and on his podcast, and one that that if and I’m sure other people do, too, I’ve just heard him as a resource on this, where it’s easy to change, not easy. It’s, it’s more simple, though, to change our behaviors, change our habits and whatnot, like, you can just make yourself start doing something when if you’re like, I’m just going to take a greens powder everyday, because I don’t need a lot of vegetables. So just take a greens powder. That’s something you could just start doing, it’s harder to then adopt the whole mindset of like, I am a healthy person, I am a fit person, whatever. So it’s true. It’s a lot of people, I think get stuck in this and a lot of ladies I’ve worked with, they’re like, Well, I’m just like not an active person, or I’m just, we put ourselves in these labels. So kind of goes with what I just talked about, about comparison, if you’re looking at somebody else, and you’re thinking, Well, I’m just not XYZ, you can be okay, anyone can change at any time, if it’s something that you want to do, right. So the way we talk to ourselves, I’ve heard this with, like on parenting podcasts. I don’t totally agree with this, but I’m gonna like modify it from my own verses right now. I’ve heard that like training up your children in the way that you want them to go. And the way they should go, as the Bible says, though, of like using the phrase, you’re not a whatever, like, say your last name, say your kid like lies. And you’re like, Pearson’s aren’t wired, you know? Or, like, if your kids are really picky eaters, like, well, Pearson Just like mushrooms or something like like saying that kind of stuff. I really have heard these almost exact examples. And I’m like, Yes, but yes, and I don’t know. Like, there’s some things I think that doesn’t apply to, but there’s some things I think it totally does. So it’s the talking to yourself and not listening to yourself, right? Don’t play off your own emotions, tell yourself what’s going on. And I do do some of those phrases, I’m sure with my kids of like, not just like we’re not quitters kind of a thing. Like nope, Pearson’s don’t quit, like that’s told that is totally what I would use. So you can you know, take a break, you can whatever you figure it out, but Pearson’s don’t quit or whatever. So, talk to yourself like that. That is something, you know, if you there’s another bullet point I’m hopping around, if you give yourself an out, you will take it. Okay, so this this whole time we’re talking about raising the bar, right? So if it’s like, oh, I’m shooting for this, but I’m happy with this. I want this but this if you give yourself a Plan B you’re going to take it if you signed yourself up for a full marathon and then had the mentality going into a day of like well, if I’m really tired at 13.1 I’ll just stop at the half. You know like that’s also fine. You’re going to have in the back of your mind and you’re going to take it also true story that occurred to me. I didn’t go into okay it was nap this past summer because I was pregnant the summer before I ran a 50 mile race talks about a lot on here because I learned a lot from the training. Also if you’re newer here and you haven’t heard me talk about it, I just want to let you know too if you’re a person listening to this thinking well she’s a trainer and she’s worked out forever and did it and it must be easy for her. I’m just like you and I have to build from the ground up every single baby every single game the 30 pounds, lose the 30 pounds whatever. And I had had my baby in July. I decided to start training for in January once I took those months to rebuild my core and start from square one I started in January with one mile and I worked my way from January to August up to the 50 miles and but going into it I had you know like my mentality of like I just have to finish it I don’t care if it’s slow I have to finish it blah blah blah. Day of it was extremely hot like heat advisory hot. super humid you start at 10am So like right in the heat and direct sunlight no shade like I am not exaggerating this to be the uphill both ways. This is notoriously like the dead of summer, direct sunlight kind of rain. is now around me. People were dropping like flies and people were making excuses like flies. And it was crazy to me because, again, I, mom of three, who really doesn’t get out much. Let’s be honest, I’m recording podcasts for you in my basement. This is like my social time, and you can’t even talk back to me. So I, you know, I was pumped to just be out of the house all day and was like, wow, for like, 10 hours, I can just listen to music, listen to podcasts, like, this is awesome. So I’m like, amped and having a good time, even though I’m dying. And I was shocked by just like the bit I don’t know, any other question, but just poor attitudes and people around me that were like, oh, so Oh, they don’t have the right snacks. Oh, I know, this. Oh, and a lot of people were stopping with a lot of people just disqualified from the race just did not finish. And it occurred to me, at some point during the run of like, you know, because there was an option when you signed up, you can either be doing 25 miles or 50. And it crossed my mind for a second to be like, you know, I could just stop at 25. Like, that’s pretty good, too. And, no, I had to just miss it very quickly to be like, that’s how you sign up for like, now you’re doing 50. Like, don’t give yourself the out. Because you will take it is the tip one in there. And Tip two of talk to yourself, don’t listen to yourself and tell yourself what you are. I’m a person that works out every day, then you work out every day. And I use that loosely, because if you know me, you know my training style, I don’t want you to actually work out every day, I do believe in moving daily. But that looks like rest days being stretching, or walking or whatever. I just think it is easier to have. I think your body works better if you move in some way every day. But I don’t mean a vigorous workout every day. Anyway, you get the idea. So talk to yourself. Don’t listen to yourself. Um, last two thoughts here. Number one is no, these have not actually been any number. Number one of my last few thoughts is that there are differing opinions out there on about setting your goals. So I talked about this a little bit in I think it was the very end of December episode might have been the Yeah, though. I think the last episode December, we talked about goal setting. And I mentioned how in smart goals, one of the notes an acronym that one of them is for realistic and attainable, I think, attainable and realistic. If that. I think both of them are there. And there’s a lot of people who don’t agree with that who think like no, if you’re setting attainable goals, then they’re easy to reach. Like, you need to push it beyond that you need to set I’ve heard people explain it as be had goals BH a G, big, hairy, audacious goals that like freak you out that you’re like, I’m probably not going to be able to do that. And for me going back to that race, 50 Miles sitting there, I was pregnant when I decided to do this. So I’m sitting there super pregnant. And the reason I thought of it, which gets into my next tip is that I was reading an inspiring book, I was reading Ross edge leaves the world’s fittest book, where he talks about doing all these amazing feats, just to do them pretty much. And I was reading it thinking like, holy cow, like yeah, like I should just run 50 Miles like why not? And to me, I was not I had not run yours guys. Like this is again, not a thing like, oh, well, I was doing half marathons right before I was pregnant. No, I have not run into yours. My last marathon was before kids. And this was my third kid. Like, okay, so to tell you, this was not like, oh, yeah, I’ll just do this. This was a big, hairy, audacious goal. So I am kind of, I used to be a SMART goal setter of the attainable, realistic, and now I’m kind of changing my thinking to like, No, you gotta shoot for it. Like, you got to raise the bar. And what because we’re so afraid of failure. And this is me too. And I struggle with pride. I it was very hard for me to even talk about on the podcast, I had started training already, but I was like, I don’t really want to say it. Because my excuse was, well, what if I get pregnant? And then I can’t do the race, like so I don’t want to say it? No, really, I was worried that I’d start training and wimp out. And I’d already told all of you that was truly my fear. So I think a lot of us, you know, it’s a pride thing. Maybe it’s, we don’t like feeling like we failed. So we want to set a safer goal. I want to challenge you to up level ever, your goals or even your just your mentality, like you don’t have to be training for 50 mile race, you don’t have to be training for powerlifting competition, you have to be training for anything like maximum edge of whatever kind of fitness, okay? It’s just having that mentality of expecting more of yourself than you currently are. Or then society would expect you to, or then your friends do. Or then and I think this is so big, because I think a lot of times we are comparing ourselves to people who are not doing much and then we feel better about ourselves like, Well, I mean, maybe you don’t do this, but thinking about like your sphere of influence right around you. Maybe neighbors or friends, or whatever, there’s like, well, I’m doing this like, well, they don’t even work out at all, and I’m working out or whatever. But you need to, like change your role models is a great way to uplevel yourself. Because, you know, if you’re, I think you get the point, I’m not going to belabor that. The last, just caught myself straight off at the end of the last tip here, which is what I alluded to with me reading Ross’s book, is to study surround yourself with and learn from the greats, because success leaves clues. It’s really true. It’s not a big secret. You know, there are so many books I’ve talked about this with, when ladies asked me like, how do you get up in the morning? How do you be as productive as you can? How do you do time management? I have read a ton of books like that, you know, I read books, like what most successful people do in the morning. I know how she does it. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, all these books that like you can actually this is not some big code, you have to crack you can study people who have achieved a lot of things, or who get a lot of things done, or whatever. Doesn’t have to be a lot of things. But I’m saying great things. Right? Because it’s not how that’s not how much it’s how, right.
That’s who we should be looking up to. So don’t compare yourself to like, the other mom at school, who’s like in her sweatpants complaining about how she has to get dinner on the stove and her house is a mess and blah blah blah. I get it. We all like I think there is totally a time and place for commiserating with people. And obviously we all have bad days like those kinds of things like no everything shouldn’t be picture perfect. No one’s perfect all that stuff. If you swung by my house, I was joking about this with my husband. I will go on this tangent because I don’t want you to think that I think I’m perfect all the time. The other day I there is this adorable neighbor I have who is like 85 and her husband is like 89 they’re this adorable little Italian couple. And she has always just done up like you know has the matching top with the bottom with the house shoes if you go to see her at her house or you know her outside shoes if she’s at your house with the earrings with the makeup like always at anytime and like I think I could ring her doorbell at 2am and she dances that are like that. I really think she’d know she probably have really cute little 90 with a little like house coat. Especially. So it’s funny because I have personally been on this crusade to dress better and my home. I went on a whole tangent about this. I’m having deja vu about it. For those of you who are blessed enough to listen to the podcast episode I have no idea what it was. I went on this rant about how shoes which I would love you to know I am recording this episode in my house shoes right now. So I did go ahead and buy a pair of like cheetah kids basically We’re not kids they’re Old Navy brand but like cheetah or leopard or whatever they are. Like basically kids you know what I mean? Like this sneakers without laces. I don’t know what they’re called. These are my new house shoes because I think it will help me be more productive. It’s totally worth is like second week with them. I zip around the house. So there’s a hot tip for you get how shoes anyway. Hi, love this lady. And she inspires me like that as an example of I don’t compare myself to some other mom who’s like, messy bun every day. Like coffee on the sweatshirt every day. Like always feeling frazzled houses never clean. Because that’s not helpful to me. Like I don’t want my life to pick I don’t want to feel like that I know what’s not best for our mental and physical health and for probably those around me, honestly. So I want to compare myself to seriously my 85 year old neighbor, who always is like put together you know, and no, it’s again, not a jealousy or an envy, but it’s like, okay, like it. She’s totally different phase of life. I know that and I know that. I’m probably in real time while you’re listening to this, like covered in breast milk. And that’s just how it is. But like setting the bar expecting more of ourselves where then the days we fall short. It’s no big deal. Anyway, this whole tangent was to tell you, I have been trying to dress more nicely around the house, like getting ready for each day, which we’ll talk about next episode when we talk about morning routines. But getting like a real outfit with my house shoes now like doing my hair, doing a makeup, that kind of thing. And I really was like patting myself on the back for like, wow, this has been probably a month streak. I don’t know it was really great. This is all pre baby so I have no idea where it’s at now. And ironically, one day I slept dinner out on paper plates I think it was literally I reheated pizza that was in our freezer for months. It was one of those crazy days end of the week. Reheat the pizza, slap it on paper plates. I had been wearing a good outfit all day I had just changed into like pajama pants, whatever else and who comes to my door but seriously said role model neighbor and I’m in pajama pants. I put family ZD off paper plates read and pizza when like nine out of 10 times we’re eating a home cooked meal on China. Like, this is just the Lord being like, yep, humble yourself there girl like you still aren’t totally put together. All right. Anyway, she’s also lovely and would not care. And you know, I’m sure didn’t care. But I’m like, Of course she’s at my door and her little wool coat and like leather gloves. And I like, open in my pajama pants like, Oh, hello, would you like to? That’s how it is, right? That’s how we always see people out in public, grocery shopping, etc. Anyways, the point of this tip is to study people who are out there doing it. So for example, to leave you with some tangible avenues to go on after this. People like Navy SEALs, okay, super high level operators. People like coaches, like top level, college football coaches, things like that. These are people who I study, read books on listen to podcasts from I know, you might just be hearing this being like, You’re a big weirdo. And I just definitely confirmed it with my last tangent. But yes, that’s true. But yes. And if I’m just comparing myself to the like, latest realize on Instagram, or again, the negative Nancy down the street who’s like life so hard, blah, blah, blah, I have two kids. And this is so hard, blah, blah, blah, then I’m going to be in that level. Why not? Like it sounds silly to some people like Well, I’m a stay at home mom, like, why am I going to, and I know not all of us listening are stay at home moms. But say like, I’m just a mom, or I’m just whatever, I just work an office job. And I’m a mom, why am I gonna listen to Navy SEAL stories or read books about habits from Navy SEALs or whatever, because, like, they’re still an excellent way to go about your vocation, your career, your whatever. So why not study these people who are at such high level in their fields. There are that and the there is an author too, I do not believe I do not adhere to promote believing like half the things he talks about Tim Grover is his name. He wrote winning and I forget the other book, but his is like a little too much for me where it’s like very cutthroat, like, at all costs, you must achieve your dreams, like you must skip your kids basketball game to achieve, you know, like that kind of stuff that I’m not on board with. Okay, but he was a very I don’t know, he still probably is a big, like high level performance coach for athletes. And it was just interesting hearing like Nick Saban, these kind of people, where they just hold themselves to a certain standard hold their players to a certain standard. There is a I’m going to talk about this another time to the idea of the rowing team called will, will it make the boat go faster? Like it was a very simple question. The coach asked them and asked the team about everything like Will it make the boat go faster? So it drove all their other decisions? I think this is so important. I think I’m gonna wrap it up here, because I could talk about this all day, probably already have. I’m not looking at the time as I record this. But think about this. If nothing else, I want you to take away from this. The idea that why shouldn’t you study high level leaders, especially if you are a mom, you’re leading all the time, like leadership books, resources, inspiration should be your jam. I know this sounds like it’s deviating a little bit from health, but you lead in all areas, whether you think you do or not. So if you’re sitting on the couch, telling your kids to go play outside, or to get up and exercise or whatever, you are leading with a really crappy example, okay? If you are like, showing them how to do things, leading by actually doing it, that is so much more impactful. So I just think so many moms would think like, Well, why would I read books by high performance coaches? Why would I read Navy SEAL books? Why would I listen to whatever kind of podcast leadership podcast personal development podcast, because you have a very, very important job do not downplay your job. Rise up to the occasion of the job you have been given. And let’s let’s raise the bar for ourselves. All right, for 2024 Let’s do it. Alright, we had ended somewhere. I hope this was helpful. Let me know if it was email me Brittany, healthy Catholic Don’t email me to tell me I’m weird, because I already know that. So that’s fine. I love to work with you. And there’s my other plug for myself. Like I said, go check out the programs healthy Catholic And I hope you have a great rest of your day. Share this with somebody if it was inspiring for you, please, I would appreciate it. Alright, talk to you ladies. Next time we’re going to talk about beautiful and productive morning routines. Until then, have a great rest your day.


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    • Speaker reflects on the ease of modern life and the need to push back against the culture of self-paced motivation.

    • Comparison can be a motivating tool, looking to others who have more pressing circumstances than oneself.

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    • Speaker reflects on comparisons and finding inspiration in others’ circumstances, despite differences in resources.

    • Parent reflects on the potential dangers of inspiring children to pursue extreme adventures after watching a documentary about a 14-year-old climber.

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    • Speaker discusses the importance of self-talk and using positive affirmations to change habits and mindset.

    • Speaker suggests giving yourself an out or Plan B to avoid taking shortcuts and stay motivated.

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    • Speaker 1 shares their experience running a 50-mile race, highlighting the importance of mental preparation and self-talk.

    • Speaker 1 notes the poor attitudes and excuses made by some participants, emphasizing the need to push through challenges and not give up.

    • Speaker 1 offers tips for maintaining a consistent training routine, emphasizing the importance of moving daily and not listening to negative self-talk.

    • Speaker 1 discusses their experience setting a big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG) of running a 50-mile race while pregnant, despite previously setting SMART goals that prioritized attainability and realism.

    • Speaker 1 shares their struggle with fear of failure and pride, and how they overcame these obstacles to pursue their BHAG.

  • Setting goals, comparing oneself to positive role models, and dressing well for productivity. 19:07

    • Speaker 1 encourages listeners to set higher goals and expect more from themselves, rather than comparing themselves to others who may not be doing much.

    • Speaker 1 suggests studying successful people and learning from their habits and strategies to achieve great things.

    • Speaker discusses their effort to dress more nicely around the house, including wearing makeup and doing hair, as an example of setting a higher standard for themselves.

    • Speaker admires their 85-year-old neighbor’s put-together appearance and sees her as an inspiration for their own self-care.

    • Speaker reflects on the challenges of motherhood and the importance of setting realistic expectations for themselves, rather than comparing themselves to others.

  • Leadership and self-improvement for moms. 24:43

    • Speaker 1 shares a personal anecdote about being unprepared and humbled by a surprise visit from a neighbor, highlighting the importance of being presentable and prepared in all interactions.

    • The speaker recommends studying high-achieving individuals, such as Navy SEALs and top college football coaches, to learn strategies for success and personal growth.

    • Speaker 1 shares insights from a conversation with a high-level performance coach, emphasizing the importance of leadership and setting a good example for children.

    • The speaker encourages moms to rise to the occasion of their important job and seek inspiration from books and resources on leadership and personal development.

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