• Fitness, nutrition, and motherhood for busy Catholic moms. 0:02

    • Brittany Pearson helps moms prioritize their health without sacrificing their vocations.

  • Books for personal growth and motherhood. 1:44

    • Brittany discusses her reading habits and goals, mentioning they read 23 books in 2023 and are looking for new books to help with self-improvement and motherhood.

    • Brittany highlights the personal nature of books and how they can have different impacts depending on the reader’s perspective and experiences.

    • Brittany discusses the importance of reading for personal growth and shares their favorite nonfiction books, including  and “The Power of One More.”

    • Brittany also mentions reading fiction books, joining a book club, and enjoying biographies,

  • Self-help books with valuable insights. 5:51

    • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon’s book “Forever Strong” is recommended for those looking to age well, with a focus on nutrition and replacing muscle mass.

    • Sarah Mackenzie’s book “Teaching from Rest” is aimed at homeschool moms but can benefit any mom, with great quotes and insights on education.

    • Speaker reflects on the book “The Power of One More” by Edie Mylett, discussing how it emphasizes the importance of changing one’s identity to make lasting change.

  • Books by Sally Clarkson and Ross Edgley. 10:06

    • Brittany recommends “The World Fitness Book” by Ross Edgley, finding it inspiring for physical feats and personal growth.

    • Speaker 1 also mentions “The World Fitness Podcast” by Ross Edgley and Shaka, finding it helpful for personal development.

    • Brittany recommends Sally Clarkson’s books, particularly “The Mission of Motherhood” and “The Life-Giving Table,” for their biblical principles and practical tips on motherhood and hospitality.

    • Brittany finds Clarkson’s tone and attitude motivating and realistic, appreciating her focus on people over perfection in her books.

  • Business books with valuable insights. 15:26

    • Brittany recommends “Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, a book about the power of small, consistent actions towards goals.

    • Brittany also suggests “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss, a book on hostage negotiation techniques that can be applied to everyday life.

    • Host shares personal reading list, seeks feedback from listeners.

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