• Self-care for busy moms with exercise and nutrition tips. 0:02

    • Brittany Pearson helps moms prioritize their health while fulfilling their vocations.

    • Brittany shares 5 ways for busy moms to prioritize self-care, including moving the body and practicing prayer.

    • Brittany encourages listeners to go back and listen to previous episodes on self-care if they haven’t yet.

  • Self-care for busy moms, including prayer and meal prep. 4:13

    • Brittany shares tips for busy moms to prioritize prayer, including breaking it into smaller chunks and praying during everyday moments like showering or nursing.

    • Brittany encourages listeners to prioritize prayer even when it feels like there’s no time, using examples from their own experience.

    • Brittany suggests packing meals like you’re leaving for the day to prioritize self-care and nutrition for stay-at-home moms.

    • Brittany plans to resume this habit when their husband returns to work, as it will be more challenging to manage lunches and baby care during that time.

  • Meal prep, hobbies, and productivity tips. 8:53

    • Brittany preps lunches in advance to save time and reduce stress, often using leftovers or pre-made ingredients.

    • Brittany prioritizes removing obstacles to success, such as packing lunches and overnight oats at night to simplify mornings.

    • Brittany recommends touching a hobby every day, even for just 5 minutes, to keep the mind stimulated and provide a break.

    • Brittany suggests knitting, sewing, handlettering, and Sudoku puzzles as hobbies that can be enjoyed with kids around.

  • Managing tasks and finding peace as a busy mom. 13:24

    • Brittany suggests that multitasking can lead to frenzy and mistakes, and recommends focusing on one task at a time to feel more peaceful and calm.

    • Brittany personally struggles with interrupting tasks to answer questions, pass snacks, or listen to podcasts, and finds it helpful to be intentional about minimizing distractions.

    • Brittany offers advice on managing chaos in homeschooling, including setting boundaries and taking real breaks.

    • Brittany shares how they prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities to their children, teaching them to wait and respect boundaries.

  • Self-care and prioritizing mental health as a busy mom. 18:23

    • Brittany takes a daily 10-20 minute break for self-care, usually involving reading or having coffee.

    • Brittany has been intentional about taking breaks during pregnancy, recognizing the importance of caring for oneself.

    • Brittany prioritizes taking breaks and practicing self-care to maintain a calm and peaceful demeanor, rather than sacrificing mental health for the sake of perfectionism.

    • The speaker encourages listeners to engage in hobbies or reading during their breaks to reduce social media usage and increase relaxation.

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